“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” 
Revelation 2:4 (NASB)
It’s a subtle shift, one that we are usually totally unaware of, but nonetheless lethal. It’s a drift in a current that is hidden from our attention, after all, we are working hard for the Lord. Paul puts it another way. Even though we might have powerful gifts of prophecy, healing, wisdom, faith and service, ministering to thousands of people, but if we “have not love, we are nothing” (1 Corinthians 13:1-3)! The Church of Ephesus had lost their first love. They were hard workers, facing intense persecution and suffering, even weeding out false apostles in their midst, but they had drifted from their top priority. They had forsaken their love for Him and others and had not even realized it! Jesus brings this to their attention and warns them that if they don’t repent, that is turn and do the things they are doing with a motive of love, He will come and remove their “lampstand” from its place. In other words, He was going to remove them from His presence! Yikes! What a stern warning for us! It is so easy to get consumed in doing the work for Him that we drift away from why we are doing it in the first place! This month as we move along with busy schedules and intense responsibilities be asking the Lord to show you (and the leaders around you) if you are drifting from your first love. Ask God to re-ignite your fire of passion for Him and others. One amazing way to love on God and others is through prayer! Pray that His love would be awakened among us! And while you’re at it, please join in with us in prayer wherever you are able with the many opportunities across Athens in September.
Here are some ways you can pray with and for others this coming month and beyond…
Worship Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, September 6 / 9 to 10am
WFBC – 1610 Simonton Bridge Road, Watkinsville 30677
On the first Wednesday of each month worship pastors from around Athens meet up to pray for and with each other and for the worship ministries in our region. As we launch into a new season, join us asking God to release greater anointing upon the worship leaders in our city. Ask Him for new songs, new intensity, new passion and even miracles in the context of worship in the churches across our city.
Student Pastors Prayer
Thursday, September 7 / 9 to 10am
WFBC – 1610 Simonton Bridge Road, Watkinsville 30677
On the first Thursday of each month student pastors from around Athens meet up to pray for and with each other and for the student ministries in our region. As the newness of the school year wears off, please join us asking God for a fresh move of His Spirit on all the Middle School and High School campuses in Athens. Pray that God would continue to build momentum in unity between student ministries. Ask for more student leaders to rise up in preparation of the coming harvest! Even now, cry out for God to bring everything together for TheMix18 coming up in February!
Prayer Walking at UGA
Saturday, September 9 / 10am to just before noon
UGA Arch – Corner of Broad Street and College Ave
Rain or shine, heat or cold (and it could be anything), we hit the ground praying. We meet up at the UGA Arch and go from there. This is a monthly opportunity (usually the second Saturday) to join in with other prayer warriors from across our city to focus prayer on the campus and our city. These are always awesome times of prayer!!! You are most welcome to join us as we walk, talk and pray for revival.

Unity Prayer
Sunday, September 10 / 9:30 to 11pm
Classic City Church Ministry Center – 386 N. Milledge Avenue, Athens 30601
This is a monthly gathering of college students (only) from across the campus ministries and various local churches coming together to pray. Please join them in prayer for revival & awakening on the UGA campus as they have their first gathering this new school year.

Campus Ministers Prayer
Monday, September 11, 18 & 25 / 1:30 to 3pm
Near UGA 
This weekly gathering for the various campus ministers is vital in building unity and spiritual momentum at UGA. Pray for these leaders as they connect with one another and in humility journey with one another to reach UGA with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that each of these leaders would grow in intensity with passion, devotion, wisdom and grace! Pray that God would be ready to catch the wave of the Spirit that is coming!
Pastors Prayer
Wednesday, September 13 / 9 to 10am
SJUMC – 111 West Lake Drive, Athens 30606
This monthly gathering on the second Wednesday is for senior pastors from around Athens to meet up to pray for and with each other. Praying for your pastors is so important. Please continue to increase the intensity of prayer for your pastor, as well as for the other senior pastors from across our city. There is tremendous spiritual pressure upon them. Pray for God to meet with them to refresh and renew them. Pray that God would show them if/where they have drifted away from their first love. Pray for their protection in the battle. Pray for their marriages and their families. Ask God to give them strength, encouragement and stamina. Ask God to give them wisdom and revelation that they would know Him better (Ephesians 1:17) and that they would lead and minister from that place of intimacy with Jesus. And ask God for joy, peace, rest and faith to be released in greater measure over them and their ministry! 

Prayer for the Middle East
Wednesday, September 20 / noon to 1pm
Living Hope (House of Prayer) – 2150 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
This is the monthly gathering of focused prayer for the Middle East and Israel. There are usually updates from the Middle East, which lead to some very specific praying. Everyone is welcome to join us as we pray for Israel and the conflict in the Middle East.
Executive Pastors Prayer
Thursday, September 21 / 9 to 10am
WFBC – 1610 Simonton Bridge Rd, Watkinsville 30677
This monthly gathering is for those who “run” the churches in Athens. Please pray that God would protect them and their families, and grant them wisdom beyond this world (James 3:17-18). Pray that out of this unity God would do even greater things in our city!
Groups Pastors Prayer
Thursday, September 21 / 3 to 4pm
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens 30606
This monthly gathering is for those who lead “groups or discipleship” ministries in our city. Pray that God would give these leaders wisdom and creativity as they encourage the new groups (leaders) that have just launched. Continue to pray for more group leaders and coaches to be raised up. Pray for new strategies and new wineskins! Pray that more people would connect in groups across Athens than ever before. After all, group life is vital to grow in Christ and for discipleship. These groups are where the coming harvest must connect and as such, pray that the groups ministries across Athens would be ready!
Pastors Racial Reconciliation Prayer & Discussion
Thursday, September 28 / 9am to 1pm
The Light – 174 Henderson Extension, Athens 30606
This is the continuation of the prayer and discussion between senior pastors in Athens on the topic of racial tension and reconciliation. In light of the recent conflict in Charlottesville the timing of this gathering is vital. Please be praying for these pastors as they share, listen and pray together from a place of humility and love. Pray that the power of the cross would be released to break down every dividing wall. Pray that this work of unity and reconciliation would be felt throughout the city, and especially in the churches these pastors lead.

Citywide Prayer Leaders Gathering
Friday, September 29 / 9:30 to 11am
Cornerstone (Athens Prayer Center) – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
This is our monthly gathering (usually on the last Friday of the month) for those who lead (or facilitate) prayer ministries in Athens. These are amazing gatherings that provide an awesome opportunity to connect, hear what God is saying to each other and to pray together. Please pray for these strategic citywide prayer leaders (especially the ones you know), asking God to take them deeper and deeper in their own walk with Jesus and that out of this intimate place, lead their prayer ministries forward into the coming harvest!
Ongoing and inspirational…
Athens Daily Prayer Texts
All across Athens area
These Daily Prayer Texts are short messages sent to your cell phone every morning at 8am. Each text includes a brief bible verse and a focus for praying. To sign up all you need to do is text @athenspray to 81010 and you’ll start getting these inspirational, prayer focusing texts right away.
Prayer for the Nations
Mondays / 7 to 8:30
Nations Church (24/7 Prayer Room) – 8780 Macon Hwy, Athens 30606
Every Monday night this group meets to pray for the nations. They are currently praying for the most persecuted countries. They intertwine some ‘missions’ statistics and a Biblical basis of Missions, as well as a short Bible study in each meeting. Their room is accessible from the outside (the doors are always unlocked), to the left of the Family Life Center. Please join in and pray for the nations of the world to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Encounter Gatherings
Thursdays / 6:30 to 8pm
Cornerstone (Athens Prayer Center) – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
These weekly gatherings are open to everyone who wants to meet with God and grow in their faith. These gatherings include some amazing teaching, worship and lots of prayer! Please join in if you are able!
Coming up…
This new ministry provides a context for students and others from across UGA and various churches in Athens to come together on campus to pray for and with one another for each other, the campus and revival. We have begun meeting off campus and hope to start a monthly meeting on campus in September (once we get approved as a student organization at UGA). More details coming soon!
Kid’s Pastors Prayer
Thursday, October 26 / 9 to 10am
WFBC – 1610 Simonton Bridge Rd, Watkinsville 30677
Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Conference with Eddie & Alice Smith
Thursday – Saturday, November 2 to 4
Cornerstone – 4680 Lexington Road, Athens 30605
The Mix 2018
Friday – Sunday, February 23 to 25, 2018
Athens Church – 10 Huntington Road, Athens 30606
For more (and up to date) stuff…
Some of the above activities may change, and there are other prayer opportunities that come up in addition to things happening that were not listed above… you can get the latest happenings at www.facebook.com/groups/1423907481169281/
Bless you heaps!!!

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