10 Days of prayer for TheMix22

Starting tomorrow, over the next ten mornings at 7, we will be posting a prayer focus for TheMix on the APN Facebook page (all of them are found below). Please use these throughout your day as a launch pad to cry out to God to do awesome among us. The Mix22 will be at Athens Church over the weekend of February 25-27. We are expecting 2,000 plus, Middle & High School students as participants and many college students as leaders from some 30 churches. Please join us in praying for God to use this as a catalyst to bring revival among youth ministries and awakening on every campus in Athens!

10/ The purpose (February 16)

Though there are many reasons kids want to come to TheMix, even why student groups look forward to this every year, our overarching purpose for TheMix is to provide churched kids a Jesus centered, relevant, high energy, lifegiving and Spirit filled context to invite their unchurched friends who do not know Jesus yet, to come meet Jesus and get incorporated into their group.

Pray that every facet of TheMix would drip with this reality! Pray for the students who are inviting their unchurched friends. Pray for those friends to say yes. Pray for the speaker, the worship, the group times, even the challenges to bear this fruit of kids coming to Christ and getting connected to the youth group!

9/ The speaker (February 17)

Every year there is much prayer and consideration of who should be the speaker at TheMix. This year we felt Tim Benitez was to be the one. “Tim Benitez is a cultured and relevant speaker with a tremendous passion to challenge the next generation for Christ. He captivates his audience with an ability to tell stories…” (www.themixathens.com). Tim will be speaking about how the students think about themselves, about what’s going inside them and about Jesus.

Please pray as Tim as he prayerfully prepares himself and his messages. Ask God to breathe a freshness over Tim, his heart and the words he has prepared. Ask God to allow streams of living water to flow into the desert places of the students and leaders’ hearts. Pray that Tim’s messages would be sticky, that is, they would be remembered long after TheMix!

8/ The band (February 18)

FRFR FREE (pronounced Forever Free) will be facilitating the worship throughout TheMix. FRVR FREE brings energy, exuberance, creativity, relevance and a passion for Jesus!

Pray for FRVR FREE as they prepare themselves for this great weekend. Pray for their physical health, their voices, their instruments, the sound system, and all that is involved in setting up an amazing encounter with God. Pray for protection over their families. Ask God to release a tangible sense of the Holy Spirit in the worship. Pray that each member would prepare themselves before the Lord as holy vessels.

7/ The students (February 19)

Of course, TheMix is all about the students. This includes Middle School and High School students coming from approximately 30 churches, and many college students coming as leaders.

Pray for the churched kids who are inviting their unchurched friends. Ask God to give them hearts that are prepared to receive more of God and to get super-charged with the Holy Spirit. Pray for the unchurched kids who are getting invited. Ask God to give them hearts that are prepared to receive the gospel. Ask God to prepare them for life change and transformation. The very trajectory of the future is about to change! Pray for the college students (and others) who are coming as leaders. Ask God to give them hearts that are ready to pour out to students, even in the late hours and when they are exhausted. Pray that God would give them wisdom, health, stamina, divine encounters, God’s timing, discernment, and for them to come out of this weekend supercharged in their own faith and walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit

6/ The details (February 20)

There are many, MANY details that need to come together as several thousand students and leaders from approximately 30 greater Athens area churches physically come together for TheMix at Athens Church.

Pray for all person that is making decisions that will impact TheMix. Ask God to go before them with favor in these last few days, and bring everything into order, even if this means He has to move a mountain or two, or more! Prayer for the host homes to be ready, spiritually, and that His peace would rest on each one. Pray for all the transportation, remember there are approximately 2000 students and leaders making their way to Athens Church. Pray that God would indeed be in the details!!!

5/ The prayer (February 21)

We have a prayer room operating at TheMix. It will be open on Friday from 6 to 9pm, and then Saturday from 9am to 6pm. There will be prayer assistants on site at all times to help those who come in to pray for their students, and will even pray with them if that is desired. Various church groups have signed up (committed themselves) for one-hour slots, though everyone is welcome to come and pray at any time the prayer room is open. Here’s the schedule of teams coming.

6 to 7pm … The Awakening
7 to 8pm … Upper Room
8 to 9pm … Athens Church

9 to 10am … WFBC
10 to 11am … Classic City
11am to noon … Beech Haven                
12 to 1pm … NCWC
1 to 2pm … Salem Baptist
2 to 3pm … Prince Ave
3 to 4pm … Cornerstone
4 to 5pm … Alps Pres
5 to 6pm …

Please pray that God would draw pastors, parents and praying people into the room to saturate every participant in prayer. Ask God to stir so much prayer that every student and leader gets a rainbow draw through their names on the prayer poster boards that will be hanging on the hall all around the room (a line is drawn through a name with a high-lighter each time someone prays for them). Ask God to show each praying person how to pray for the students, and that each one would leave sensing God’s blessing and pleasure that they came!

4/ The schedule (February 22)

TheMix starts on Friday night and ends on Sunday morning. Here’s how the schedule looks…

Friday: 7:15pm – 9:00pm*
Saturday (@ Home Church): 10:00am – 12:00pm
Saturday: 7:00 – 9:30pm*
Sunday: Church at Home Church

*Doors will open 30 minutes before each service.

On Saturday morning, groups get to bring TheMix back to their Home Church! TheMix provides a Church Kit for their group that includes a video message, small group questions, games and other activities for the group to spend time together.

Saturday afternoons are open for each group to spend it any way that brings them together. Often groups find ways to serve throughout the city, spend time relaxing with their leaders, or join other groups for fun activities!

On Sunday morning the group that participated in TheMix are encouraged to attend their church’s normal worship service and share about the experience. 

Pray over all these times and meetings. Specifically pray for the Saturday morning time with each group. Ask the Holy Spirit to move among the students and leaders. Pray also for intimate and deep times for one on one dialog between leader and student, that these would happen at just the right moments during eth weekend. Pray that on Sunday morning, as students share in their churches, that the Holy Spirit would break forth and revival would be released in their church!

3/ The nights as a group (February 23)

This is a two-night event, meaning students and leaders are together a long time! These are probably the most fruitful time of the weekend, when students have personal, one on one time with their leaders, and when groups discuss what they are learning and experiencing from the main sessions.

Pray for extraordinary peace in each home where TheMix groups are staying. Ask God to guard and lead discussions, as well as bringing students to the place of firm commitments and steps forward.

2/ The safety (February 24)

Again, with so many young people coming and going, as well as being in one place, there is ample opportunity for mischief and injury!

Pray that there would not be even one injury, accident or sickness throughout the weekend. Pray that every bus, van and car would travel without incident and that drivers to be supernaturally alert. Pray that the Athens Church parking lot would have an angelic presence protecting everyone and that demons would not even be allowed on the property!

1/ The fruit (February 25)

TheMix starts today! Though we know this will be an amazing time for everyone who comes. We want more than just a memory. We want to see an impact in homes, in student ministries and on campuses. We desire this to be a catalyst for revival on campuses and beyond.

If you’re able, please join us in the prayer room this evening from 6 to 9pm and tomorrow from 9am to 6pm.

Today, please be praying with us for God to do as He desires to do among us. Ask for His glory for be made known (Habakkuk 2:14). Pray that every student and leader would be changed by their time in His glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). Pray that He would release miracles, salvation, destiny moments and calling upon students and leaders. Ask God to allow this weekend to be the moment that many students look back over the rest of their lives proclaiming that was when they gave it all to Jesus and began their amazing adventure with Him!