“Yahweh says, ‘Present your case.’
‘Let’s hear your arguments,’ says the King of Jacob’s tribes.
” Isaiah 41:21 (TPT)

Contrary to what the media and the Left, even many Republicans are saying about there being no election or voter fraud on November 3, there is mounting, we’re talking a massive amount of evidence, to the contrary. The reality is, the evidence has not been considered in the courts. So many are trying to suppress the truth. Check out this article for more details… https://www.theepochtimes.com/2020-election-screaming-red…

Please pray that legal teams would have wisdom and courage on how to present their massive amounts of evidence to the proper authorities. Pray that both state and federal judges would rise up and not be afraid or biased, and render a just verdict based on the evidence. Declare that every door that has been and currently is locked and blocking the moving forward, to be opened. Plead for angelic warriors to fight on behalf of our nation’s future. And while you’re at it, please present your case, all this evidence, before the One who sits on the Throne in the council of the gods!!!