Do not give Him rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem the praise of the earth.” Isaiah 62:7 (HCSB)

I was recently reminded, as I prayed with a pastor, of a prophecy about Athens. This has come from many sources and is important for us to note. Especially right now. But before I share it, I want to encourage us of a couple things.

First, the value of prophecy. Amos told us that God does nothing without first sharing it with His friends, the prophets (Amos 3:7). So, the role of prophecy today is vital in understanding God’s plan and heart.

Second, God literally watches over His word/s to fulfill them (Jeremiah 1:12). So, God is actually waiting for something in order to accomplish what He promised and/or prophesied through His people who are listening. King David declared that; “The LORD is faithful to all His promises” (Psalm 145:13b). What He says He truly intends to AND will fulfill!

Third, prophecies are not meant to be heard and then put on the shelf to wait for their fulfillment. Part of the reason for God revealing His plan is His desire for us to partner with Him in prayer to see it fulfilled! How many words are sitting on a shelf collecting dust instead of being prayed for by us and acted on by our God? Isaiah reminds us that God literally calls His watchmen, that is, His intercessors to cry out to Him day and night till He accomplishes His plan (Isaiah 62.6-7).

So, here’s the word. Let’s take it and begin to really renew our cry for God to fulfill it in our day!!!

People would come to Athens for a higher education but gain a revelation of Jesus and take Him back to their nations!

That’s it! Our city was founded because of UGA being started here in 1785, and Athens was built as a result of that! God intended from the very beginning for UGA/Athens to be a place where the nations came to be educated, but would also be introduced to Jesus and would take the Gospel and revival back to their nations. We literally already have a huge representation of the nations in our city! This word fits with the others that talk about revival breaking out in Athens and spreading across the globe. This word fits the words about our stadiums being filled with worshipers and seeing huge gatherings revival happening in places such as The Classic Center, Stegman and Sanford Stadiums.

All this to say, please keep praying for revival here. Pray for the international students to receive the Gospel, have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for those who are reaching out to international students here, that God would give them favor, strategies and breakthroughs. Pray for churches to be sensitive and embrace the international students that come. Pray for revival prayer to increase, to intensify and expand in Athens. Pray that your pastor, and your church would become a big part of coming revival, especially in discipleship, empowerment and sending. Pray that indeed, people would come to Athens to gain a higher education but find Jesus as well and become vessels to take the gospel and revival back to their home nations!!!

Revival is coming and in fact, has already begun!!!