“Then Joshua told the people, ‘Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.’” Joshua 3:5 (NLT)

Get ready, for tomorrow God will do wonders among us! Joshua didn’t want them to miss out on what God was about to do. Apparently, what He was about to do was not dependent upon what they did. The charge ‘purify yourselves’ was for their sake, so they didn’t miss out! 

The requirement to not miss out was to “purify yourself! The word purify can also be translated consecrate, prepare, set apart or separate.

This is what God is saying today! Tomorrow (whenever that is, but it is soon) He is going to do something new, something wonderful, something we could not even imagine. It is not simply what He’s done before, on steroids. It’s something new, and it’s going to blow our socks off. So, go ahead, take your socks off and get ready to stand on holy ground!

Take time asking God to show you how to purify yourself. Ask Him what is required to be ready for what He is about to do. Tell Him that you do not want to miss out. Ask Him to show you any place you have been defiled by the world. Ask Him to consecrate and set you apart for His purposes and to be ready for His moving among us! Pray this for your church and leadership as well. Oh that the church in Athens would purify itself, for soon God is going to do great wonders among us, and we don’t want any congregations to miss out!