“Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezekiel 37:3a (NIV)

Ezekiel was shown a valley full of bones. They were dry, dead and spread out across the land. They were divided! Wow, what sight! And this is a good picture of what the church looks like today. Apart from a remnant of fiery hot passionate followers of Jesus, the church across our landscape is spiritually dry, dead and divided! Like the church of Sardis many churches may look alive, have a great reputation but be on the brink of death (Revelation 3:1-2). These churches may have their fog machine and flashing lights, with larger crowds coming to be entertained by the seeker sensitive service, but God has left the house! But a rattling is coming!

Ezekiel was instructed to prophesy over these bones, and as he did a miracle occurred, and a rattling sound was heard as the bones began to shake. What had been divided and separated came back together and formed bodies. Actually, a vast army (v10). This coming back together of the dead took several prophetic utterances. At one point there was a crowd of bodies standing but had no life in them. Ezekiel was told to prophesy breath into them, so he called the winds to blow saying “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe into these slain that they might live” (v9).

As the wind from heaven, of revival, begins to blow, the division in our nation and in the church will break and we’ll come together under one name Jesus. Just as the bones stood on their feet, the Church will stand! Yes, it’s time to stand up again! There is no other name! We need to stand up for our nation, for our cities, for our church!

It’s time to prophesy to the dead bones of the church and proclaim life, to cry out for the wind of the Holy Spirit to breathe the death clothes off of us and release fresh life in the body of Christ. Cry out for this wind to sweep away the hate, racism, confusion, immorality, anger, division, and compromise that has plagued the church, and release a holy fiery passion for Jesus and His kingdom. Prophesy life into your church, over your pastor and across your congregation. May the rattling be heard across our city as the Church wakes up as the army of God she is destined to be! Thank the Lord for allowing you to be a part of it!!!