“’Even now,’ declares the Lord, ‘return to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.’” Joel 2:12 (NIV)

Over this past year the hearts of many believers have begun to entertain doubt and unbelief. Many have grown hard. Many have allowed their love to go cold. And so many are weary! As such, many are not prepared for battle, but have taken off their armor and have re-joined life as civilians. In the midst of all this the enemy is roaring, blatantly mocking God and pressing forward with wickedness in our nation! I believe God is saying it is time to re-enlist in His army!

A call is going forth to get ready, harvest is coming. What we do in this hour will impact where we stand in the next! God is calling His people to come back, to speak up, to re-enlist in His army and prepare!

It is time for the prodigals to come back. The seeds of faith, though dormant are still resident. Cry out for those you know, especially pastors’ children, to return to what God has for them in this hour. Many have been in a season of wandering, but now is the time to return. Declare it over them! God’s call is still upon them. His destiny for them has not been lost, just put on hold. Ask God to awaken that fire that once burned hot within them.

It is time for all His sons and daughters to step up and take hold of their identity, authority and destiny. Cry out for God to draw back those who have stepped out over this year, for whatever reason. Ask God to ignite fire in hard, cold hearts. Ask God to break off doubt and disbelief. Ask God to allow the call to re-enlist in His army to be heard loud and clear, and for there to be a response across our city and nation. Ask God to start it in you!!