“Shout with joy to the LORD, all the earth!” Psalm 100:1 (NLT)

In twinkling of an eye, we will be promoted by a shout, a sound wave from heaven and suddenly the glory in us will be revealed (Habakkuk 2:14). There is real power in a Spirit filled shout! Shouting plays a big part in our spiritual journey. Just consider the shout that released a heavenly reinforcement against the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:20). Or when Gideon was facing an innumerable foe, God’s strategy was to decrease the size of his army, break them into smaller units, surround the enemy and shout! And it worked (Judges 7:19-21)! Don’t forget, the Lord and the arch angel’s shout at Christ’s return (1 Thessalonians 4:16). And the shofar plays a much more strategic role than just a raspy toot! It releases heavenly activity on earth, way more than we realize. And what about the angels singing and shouting at creation (Job 38:7)!

When you shout, do it loudly, with authority as a child of God! Shout the name of Jesus, after all, every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord! Shout the word of God, His promises to His kids, His decrees and His judgments upon His enemy! Shout with all your might, even louder than you would at a football game! Isn’t God worth it? Doesn’t He deserve our unhindered shout of praise?! And remember it literally shakes the spiritual atmosphere around you!

Ask God to increase the volume of your shout and begin shouting daily! Ask Him to show you how to pray loudly, decree loudly and proclaim loudly “Jesus is Lord” over your marriage, your family, your church and our city! Shout that every stronghold must come down. Shout that every hindrance for the King of Glory to move upon our city would be removed!