“…there is a remnant chosen by grace!” Romans 11:6 (NIV)

There is so much of the church that is asleep at this present time. But she is being awaken. Those who are awake often feel alone and misunderstood! By it is God who has awakened us, by His grace, so that we can be alarm clocks to the rest of the church. It is time to sound the alarm through loving and praying for the sleeping church. There are actually more ‘remnant’ than we realize! Just as Elijah thought he was the only one, when there had been seven thousand set aside, hidden in caves, who had not bowed the knee to Baal (Romans 11:3-4). By the way, Baal worship was all about child sacrifice (which is equivalent to the practice of abortion, which is now even allowing mothers to kill the children after the birth). The church’s silence is the church’s complicity in the act!

But remnant you are not awake without reason. You need to know… grow… glow… and go!

Know that you have been called and awakened for a purpose, by the grace of God. Know that it was He who called you for such a time as this. Know that you are deeply loved and entrusted with a great responsibility to steward what you have been given. Know that you have been born for this moment! Know that you are not alone!

Grow up in your new responsibility. Grow into the man or woman God has created you to be in this hour. Grow up in your authority. Grow in the knowledge of the word and who He says you are!

Glow with the radiant glory of God. Take time daily to fix your eyes on the glorious man Christ Jesus. Allow the glory to shine through you to those who have not yet awakened. Carry His glory into everything you do so that the knowledge of His glory would fill our city!

Go! Get out from your confines and do what Jesus is doing now. Obey as He leads. He has not called you to hide out and wait for the rapture rescue mission. You have a purpose, a reason for being here right now. Go be and do it with all your heart!

Ask the Lord what it means for you to know, grow, glow and go! May He empower you with all you need to fulfil your purpose in this generation!!! Ask the Lord to show you how to stand up against the “prophets of Baal” in our day. Ask the Lord to draw you, connect you and assign you others of the remnant who are awakened. Pray for your pastor to become fully awakened and to have the courage to lead your congregation to know, grow, glow and go!