For this lawlessness is already at work secretly, and it will remain secret until the one who is holding it back steps out of the way.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7 (NLT)

Satan has never had as much advantage as he has right now. He has technology and media that actually allows him to lie, twist, deceive and accomplish his agenda on a global scale. And sadly, a large part of the “church” is believing the lie!

But there is a remnant who are the resistors! Paul told the Thessalonians that the man of lawlessness could not come until the resistor, the one who restrains him, were taken away. That restrainer is the Spirit filled Church. And today God is about to move big time through these resistors, the remnant who have remained faithful to Him! God confounds those who are wise and powerful by the world’s standard. Yet God uses the foolish and weak things to bewilder the strongest and smartest of the world.

Our founding fathers were willing to lay everything they had on the line for freedom over tyranny. Many lost their lives and honor. The individual colonies were formed by seekers of freedom, fleeing tyranny. Then they had to directly fight against tyranny when it said “no” to their quest for freedom and independence. There came a time that simply fleeing from tyranny was not enough. They had to confront it and resist it. Even against all odds they stood!

So much of the church no longer believes that Jesus is God, or that He rose from the grave. Btw, the deity of Jesus matters, and so does the resurrection! Many “Christians” likewise, vote by what benefits their pocketbook instead what’s Biblical or moral.

Cry out for the Church to be revived, to stand up against tyranny at all levels, and fight for freedom to worship our God! Ask God for courage to be a resistor via the power of the Holy Spirit in every circle you’re involved in. Ask Him to stir up the “freedom fighters” in your church to live boldly for Jesus and His way, now! Ask the Holy Spirit to convict followers of Jesus to vote and align themselves Biblically, and not just what they have always done, or what best suits them! Cry out for freedom from tyranny in our city, at every level. May the Lord expose the spirit of lawlessness and remove completely from His church!