One of the moves of God in the Athens area that has encouraged me greatly is the call of God on Steve Smith to bring unity through prayer for such a time as this.  I have known Steve since 2015 and have watched as God worked through him to establish the Athens Prayer Network.  Steve says, “Our personal calling in life is to be wholehearted, risk-taking, lovers of God and help others be the same!”  I can testify that he is the real deal!  

 Steve has an amazing gift for organizing community-wide events. I especially appreciate being contacted personally by texts that keep me informed of prayer gatherings. Even though I often can’t attend, I can at least pray from home. These gatherings include prayer walks, prayer vigils for our schools, and regular corporate prayer gatherings. There are also daily texts that unite our community in persistent prayer toward revival.  God has used Steve to unite pastors and other church leaders, across denominations and racial barriers, to become a powerful Christian presence in our community.  Anyone involved in Athens Prayer Network events will have opportunities to learn about our community’s diversity as we unite under the leadership of Jesus.

In addition to focusing on the community as a whole, Steve also has a heart for individuals. One of Steve’s strengths is developing genuine relationships in which he gives sacrificially of his time.  His personal ministry to pastors has been crucially important during these past few years of turmoil and uncertainty. He has also been available to me anytime I have reached out with a question or need, and I truly appreciate that.  In spite of all he does, Steve never seems hurried or distracted.  He genuinely values each individual.

 I thank God for Steve and all that the Athens Prayer Network has done for our community. The prayer net that it provides is crucial in this day and time, and the unity that it generates is powerful for the Kingdom.  

Sandy Blount

Team Leader – RTF Athens Prayer Ministry, Restoring the Foundations International