And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.” Matthew 7:27 (ESV)

I was recently in a church and the worship team was spot on, the Holy Spirit was moving, but most of the congregation just stood and watched, barely mouthing the words of the song. I asked the Lord why and almost immediately I heard, ‘FOUNDATIONS, they are standing on faulty foundations!’

Over the years so many churches have accepted man’s methodologies at the cost of Biblical principles (though they do not see it that way). We sing songs about lifting our hands, but few do! We proclaim I surrender all, but it is just lip service. We declare Jesus as Lord, but go and live Monday through Saturday with a different Lord! We sing come Holy Spirit, but give Him no space in our services, let alone our lives!

The foundation we build upon matters. Whether it is your personal life, or your church, the foundation matters! That foundation includes our theology, our presumptions of ministry, our mentors and their values, especially the words they have spoken over us! If your foundation includes questioning part of the Bible, or the authority of the Bible you are standing on sandy ground. If you are more concerned about converts than disciples, your foundation is faulty.

Religion is a false foundation. And this is found in many churches. Their hierarchy, their denomination, their rules, policies and doctrines when placed higher than love, unity and submission to one another, lead to manmade organizations, as we see across the ‘church’ world. Just because it says church on the building, or in the name, doesn’t mean it is built upon the Rock. The Holy Spirit is moving, but can’t in so many ‘churches’ because there is no room for Him there. It is no wonder new movements have to form, because old ones have calcified in their ways!

Cry out to God to expose and begin removing the faulty foundations in the church across our city, starting in your own. Pray for grace to abound and truth to prevail, for revival to be poured out in every church that is prepared for it. Pray that your church wouldn’t miss it because of the faulty, manmade foundations that have limited what the Holy Spirit can do in your midst!