“Thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘Consider your ways.’” Haggai 1:7 (ESV)

Early on in our marriage, Shellie and I determined to say “yes” to the Lord no matter what He asked of us. It has led us on an amazing, miraculous adventure for these 39 years! Our “yes” has allowed God to take us deeper than we would ever have gone on our own!

God does not expect you to do what He calls you to do in your own strength. You are not able to do it without Him! It requires your “yes! And your “yes” will always require faith. God will enable you, but it means you have to be willing to take the step, in faith-filled obedience. It is truly a divine partnership. He calls us to do what we can’t do, yet as Daniel prophesied, those who know their God will do great exploits (11:32/NLT)! God does His part when we are willing to do our part.

Paul tells us to work out our salvation, yet in the same breath he says it is God who works in us (Philippians 2:12-13). Jesus said, “listen, know that you are known, then follow and obey Me” (John 10:27). He didn’t say follow Me if you’re able. He was saying trust Him as He leads you into the impossible! This is not optional Christianity! The key to success is finding what God is doing and join Him… that is what it means to follow Him wherever He goes!

Our obedience attracts more of God’s presence. The more we follow, the more He reveals, not just about the strategy, but about Himself. And the best place to be is in the middle of His will, for there we find His peace (John 14:27).

Now be aware, our following Jesus and our wholehearted “yes” will also attract the enemy’s attention. He will come to hinder and block you from stepping into your calling, but God will even use the process of his resistance to make you stronger and better equipped for your calling. God’s voice is like seeds that are planted in our hearts and the enemy would love to come steal them (Mark 4:15-17). I have heard that we have a window, a set amount of time, to obey God before it become disobedience. The closer you get to Jesus the smaller the window of time you have to respond, we’re talking, it’s down to seconds, and it could literally be devastating to miss that window!

Our “yes” releases more renewal. We need more of Him to do what He is leading us to do. Each step actually requires the previous step of faith and obedience. Sorry there is no short cut! Our obedience, leads to more of His presence which causes more renewal which leads to greater works in Him. We are renewed by feeding on the Word. There are long term ramifications. Just as when you plant a seed, water it and wait, planting the Word in your soul will reap bountiful harvest. Remember we will reap what we sow! Five, ten, thirty-nine years from now you will not be the same person you are today.

So as Haggai says, consider your ways! Declare to God that you will say “yes” no matter what! Ask Him what you can do today that will bear fruit forty years from now! Ask Him to show you the things that have no eternal value and are not of Him and allow Him to begin minimizing these from your life. Repent for every time you have delayed or ignored His command. Acknowledge that it is called disobedience, AKA sin! Tell Him that you will listen and obey no matter what He says, and then position yourself to step into the impossible realm! Btw, not everyone will understand or appreciate your “foolishness,” so ask God for a grace to be patient with those who mock and criticize your “extremism!” Thank Him for what He is going to reveal to you about Himself and about your destiny!