Steve Smith is a friend, as well as a gift to Athens, GA and to the Body of Christ. His passion and ability to gather pastors, church / ministry leaders, and at times the city, together for the sole purpose of prayer is rare. 

Recognizing the need to gather pastors together in a safe space to share one another’s burdens, celebrate victories and pray with and for each other is courageous. It’s not an easy task, but Steve has a very special calling on his life and a gift that’s unquestionably from the Lord, which has equipped him to do just that. 

He has been such a blessing to me personally and to our church as we meet to pray. I feel closer to God and pray even bolder prayers because of Steve’s impact and unique ministry. I’m thankful for his friendship and ministry in our city. 

Scott Sheppard

Lead Pastor – Cornerstone Church, Athens, GA