“The city had a massive high wall, with 12 gates…” Revelation 20:12a (HCSB)

Our property doesn’t have fences, and let me tell you, we have problems with the deer enjoying our flowers, plants and trees. No matter how much work we do in our courtyard and garden, it is just a free meal for these devouring deer. We try stinky deer repellant, chopped hair and even soap on sticks, but we only get a little reprieve from these beasts. What seems to work the best is a wire fence, that is, a physical barrier.

Likewise, an unwalled city is unprotected from enemy attack and/or infiltration. In ancient days, cities with walls were called fortified, and were difficult for an enemy to attack. Doesn’t a wall around your house make you feel safer? Don’t you close your windows and lock your doors to protect what’s inside, including yourself and family, at night? But for some reason this ‘resident’ is doing all he can to destroy our nation by allowing unrestricted access. They are no longer called illegal or undocumented, but are literally referred to as ‘newcomers!’ Though they continue to bring drugs, and commit crimes of murder, theft and rape, they face little consequence. Usually they are released the same day!

Btw, if you drop the ‘b’ from border, you have order. Yes, God has order. Heaven has borders, and the only way to get in is through Jesus Christ. Ever hear of the pearly gates (Revelation 21:21)? Narrow way leads to heaven but wide road, the borderless route leads to hell (Matthew 7:13-14). Even the Garden of Eden had some sort of barrier, with powerful angelic guards flashing flaming swords preventing anyone from getting in (Genesis 3:24). God even promised a wall of fire to protect Jerusalem (Zechariah 2:5). When Nehemiah, the cup bearer for the king of Persia, heard that Jerusalem was in dire straits, he sought the Lord, then asked the king for permission to rebuild the wall (Nehemiah 2:8). A nation or a garden without a wall is unprotected!

Borders are there for a reason. Primarily, borders and walls are meant to protect those on the inside. There are laws for those inside. And of course, walls keep unwanted people out. Yes, people can and should be allowed in, but there is a process, a vetting, and screening. But over the past several years the borders to our nation, have been ‘open’ and millions of terrorists, gang members, drug smugglers and human traffickers have flooded our nation. We are told ten million undocumented newcomers. Recently, I read about one of these immigrants, who had a criminal record, and since arriving had killed a ten-year old child in a hit and run murder. This guy had been arrested several times and simply released to continue his illegal and criminal activities. What’s wrong with that? EVERYTHING! Why is it that those coming across seem to not have to obey our laws? It is because this is a ploy to destroy our nation. Borders define and protect a nation!

Why do these illegal border crossers seem to more rights and privileges than our vets?

Again, it is not about legal immigration, but uncontrolled entrance into our nation by people who have evil intent. Have we stopped checking passports as people enter our nation at our airports? Of course not! But why then is it not an issue to allow whoever to come in at our southern border, whether they carry drugs or disease. This is absolutely insane, OR an intentional plan to destroy America!!! No nation without secure borders can survive, let alone, one where illegal crossers are encouraged and rewarded with no consequence for their behavior. The crazy thing is, God Himself is the One who determined the borders of nations (Acts 17:26). I just heard that these ‘newcomers’ are exploiting legal loop hole and are being encouraged to take up residency in un-occupied homes, because in many states squatters cannot be kicked out of these homes. There is actually a video of a Venezuelan man telling others about this scheme! And it is looking like many of these ‘newcomers’ have been secretly and illegally flown in by this government. Come on, this is not just terrible leadership, it is intentional efforts to destroy our nation.

Pray with me that this evil will be seen for what it is and is absolutely stopped. Pray for order to be restored! Pray for all who naively support a borderless nation to see it for what it really is, and for the deception to be lifted off of them. Cry out for God to be a wall of fire at our southern border! Pray that every person who has entered our nation illegally, with ill intent to be exposed, removed and that those who have committed crimes to face true justice. Pray for national leaders who will secure our borders, and for the ones who don’t care about secure borders to be removed. Pray for the protection of those who reside in our nation, that every attempted terrorist attack from within would be exposed and stopped before they can happen. Pray that the fear of God would become so heavy in our nation that those who walk in darkness and evil will either flee or repent, and that our nation will once again step into her God given destiny as a light to the world and a gospel sending vessel to the nations.