Then He said to them, ‘I have fervently desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.’” Luke 22:15 (HCSB)

Jesus told His disciples that He had fervently or as other translations say, earnestly desired to share this meal with them. What had set this meal apart from the hundreds of other meals that He had had with His disciples? In the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve fell into sin, intimate communion had been lost between humans and God! Now, Jesus having finished His earthly assignment, had restored what had been lost. He still had to go to the cross, but He had faithfully finished all that His Father had given Him. He then said, I will not partake of this again until it finds fulfillment in the Kingdom of heaven (Luke 22:16). You see, Jesus was giving His disciples an appetizer, a foretaste of what is to come. The bread and the cup, are a shadow, yet a real reminder of the day that is coming when He would partake in it again at the wedding of the Lamb (Revelation 19). It is not just a reminder of what He did, but what is coming.

Every time we take communion it is to be a foretaste of what’s coming. It is a reminder of what Jesus did, but it is more than that! No wonder we are not to take communion hastily. But sadly, in so many places communion has lost this purpose, this reality. We have turned it into a “fast food” rather than the deep shared meal!

Ask the Lord how to personally dive deeper into communion. Take time and contemplate on the elements of the bread and the cup. Next time you take it, picture yourself with Jesus in the upper room, and listen to His words about earnestly desiring to share this meal with you! Picture the wedding feast of the Lamb, with Jesus standing eagerly before His prepared bride, to finally share this meal with her, with you! Allow Him to stir your emotions, your passion, and awaken your first love! Thank Him for His spilled blood and broken body for you, for us bride, for His body, for His world!