“But Paul shook off the snake into the fire and was unharmed.” Acts 28:5 (NLT)

Today there are prophetic voices warning about a slithering demonic attack going on in the Church. Key leaders are being targeted by seducing spirits. Many have already been ensnared! We need to fight for and become a prayer wall around our pastors and other leaders in our lives!

We are told to flee youthful lusts (2 Timothy 2:22). But sometimes simply fleeing isn’t enough! Joseph ran from his seducer, but he still had to pay a price through her false accusations. Running from the battle is not always the best option. After all, you’ll have to face it in the future if you simply put it off today. And it gives the enemy time to set up for another attack!

These seducing spirits do use people, human agents, to accomplish their evil plans. They seek to tear down and destroy those who speak the truth. They are desperate! Some of their biggest trophies and champions, including in the Church, are coming down, and are being revealed!

Paul asked the Galatian Church, “who bewitched you” (Galatians 3:1)? Many today are being bewitched! This term means “to bring evil on a person by feigned praise, or mislead by an evil eye, or to charm leading into evil doctrine” (Vines Expository Dictionary). Other meanings are to malign, to fascinate by false representations (Strongs). It can also be used to speak ill of one, or to slander. You don’t win this battle by avoiding it or ignoring it, for this spirit will keep coming. Be alert to the seducers and their human agents!

We must resist the devil, his minions and every form of his attacks. The lukewarm church and/or believer does not have the ability to stand in this hour!

At the same time, God us releasing His Spirit to cleanse His house. The Church will no longer be a house of entertainment. Shepherds are not meant to confuse the sheep, they are supposed to preach the word, the full word of God. God is very clear about “complicated” issues of our day! It’s not complicated about gender, about abortion, sex trafficking, borders, adrenochrome, marriage, etc. But our shepherds must lead the way! They must resist the seducing spirits and pave a path of righteousness for their congregations to follow!

It’s time to shake off the snake. Stop entertaining, even playing with these slithering spirits. Movies, for example, especially for our kids, are getting more blatant in disarming and desensitizing us to wickedness, violence and perversion! They are overtly including witchcraft, voodoo and even pedophilia symbols. If you know what you’re looking for you will see it, all over the place! Please check out www.pluggedin.com for movies, including TV shows being exposed! This website is hosted by Focus on the Family. Research pedophilia, witchcraft and voodoo symbols. Come on, fight for your children. Don’t simply let them be indoctrinated by the entertainment industry. Those Disney movies are not safe babysitters! Parents, please don’t just park your kids in front of the TV, iPhone or iPad, while you do your other things. Pastors, please lead the way, teach your congregations about these slithering seducing spirits. Shake the serpent off into the fire!

Ask the Lord to show you any and every place you have been ensnared, or defiled by this seducing spirit. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get free and battle from a place of purity. Pray for your family, friends and others at your church in the same way. Pray specifically for your pastor – for protection, for purity, for boldness and courage to fight and resist (instead of simply running from or avoiding the snake). Pray that your pastor would become a champion for your congregation, as well as for other pastors across our city!