“And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” Isaiah 40:5 (NIV)

Get ready, for what is about to be revealed will be beyond shocking!

The term shock & awe means “a state of being overwhelmed, dismayed or greatly surprised and impressed.” It is being extremely astonished, dazed, perplexed, awed, baffled, even stupefied, just to name a few synonyms for it! What we have been told, taught and believed all our lives is about to be challenged, and shown incorrect, and replaced with truth. Like in The Matrix, we are about to see just how enslaved we have actually been, and by whom! Even our theologies, doctrines will be exposed with cracks where Satan has perverted it, and it will be shocking! Leaders we have thought were heroes and solid in the faith and/or champions for our nation will be exposed as fakes. Right now, we are only at the tip of the iceberg, but more is coming and it could be upon us quickly!

We all have a paradigm, that is the way we perceive the world around us. We have boxes, and concepts. We have “science” and longstanding beliefs. But when these things begin to get challenged, we tend to deny or simply reject the new info. But some will take the time to look into what is being revealed and take it to the Lord. These “inquirers” will step into a new paradigm, perhaps shocked, but not overawed. Those who deny or reject the new info will at one point be so overwhelmed. Cognitive dissonance will step into overdrive! Their coping to maintain their previous worldview will no longer work. Their old paradigm will crash and burn, leaving them feeling hopeless, helpless and paralyzed. That’s when the shock and awe sets in! The rude awakening must happen before the great awakening!

Ask the Lord to prepare you for the revelation, the exposure, the unveiling that is coming. Ask Him to show you flaws in your own paradigm, and the grace and wisdom to gather and understand the new info in order to create a new paradigm. Ask Him to grant you discernment to see what is right in front of you, to know what is true and false, good and evil. Commit yourself to Him that you will not deny or reject the new things, revelation that He is revealing. Ask Him for a grace to let go of childhood doctrines and grab hold of His truth. Ask Him for the grace to be a carrier of the knowledge of the glory of God that He desires to cover the earth with!