“And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh…” Jonah 4:11a (NIV) 

God told Jonah that he should be concerned about a great city in his day! Likewise, we need to be concerned for those places that do not yet know Jesus! Those who are not concerned with what is going on in Afghanistan are either so self-focused, or they actually believe the narrative the WH is giving, or they simply have their head in the sand! What has just transpired has changed the global scene. Not only is it a humanity catastrophe, it has betrayed a people who trusted us, it has given those who hate us our weaponry to fight against us, and we have cowardly turned our backs on our own people who are stuck there. Please join the millions of folks who are focusing prayer for Afghanistan.

Note: I do know that we need to pray for other places such as Haiti, but what sets Afghanistan apart is that it is being driven by demonically inspired people and not the cause of a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, fire, etc
Prayer points…
1. Underground Church
This underground church in Afghanistan is the second fasting going church in the world. Iran is the fastest. The Taliban is literally going house to house hunting them down. Pray for God to hide every believer from the Taliban. Pray that God would give them grace to trust Him even in death. Pray that God would deliver them supernaturally. Pray that God would cloak followers of Jesus from the searching Taliban, even supernaturally veiling them from being found!
2. Women & Children
Women and children are being raped and forced into “marriages” and sex servitude. They will be forced into the harsh sharia law. Pray for their deliverance and for a holy terror to come upon every man involved in this!
3. Missionaries
Many missionaries have chosen to stay there to assist their brothers and sisters in Christ even unto death! Pray that God would protect them, use them and make a way where there is no way.
4. Afghanis
Most of the nation is stuck under this horrific evil rule. They don’t fight back because they are already starving. Pray for revival to break out across this nation. Ask God to cause streams of living water to flow in this barren desert. Ask God to use what was meant for evil for good!
5. The Taliban
The Taliban operates under an extreme form of Islam, and is totally demonic and hateful. These folks are brutal and relentless against God and good. They are bent on bringing this whole nation under their control as well as ultimately the whole world. Pray that Jesus would walk among them and reveal Himself to them in dreams, and visions. Pray for dramatic conversions among the Taliban, especially among key leaders. Pray that there would be confusion, division and in-fighting among themselves. Pray that the US weapons that were left behind would be inoperable. Ask God to mark and expose every Taliban member that is wearing US military uniforms.
6. The USA
There are thousands of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. Being that the Taliban are not concerned about abiding by any rules of war, they will most likely try to use these Americans (at least the ones they don’t kill) as human shields against any counter reprisals from the US. Please pray for the protection of every American in Afghanistan. Pray that they would be kept hidden from the Taliban, and rescued by the US or another nation. Pray that that US military would be protected and effective in their rescue attempts. Pray that the current leadership in the US would take responsibility instead of pointing the finger of blame at the Afghanis or others.
7. Other nations
Nations around the globe have varying responses to what happened this week. For our allies, they are angry, frustrated, feel betrayed by our sudden withdrawal that has put their own citizens in danger. Many of these nations have expressed their anger toward the WH, and rightly so. Please pray that God would not allow this to isolate our nation from those we need to stand together with against evil and tyranny in this hour. Pray that God would quickly restore the rift between the US and our friends!
On the other hand, there are nations who truly hate us and this opportunity could embolden them to take advantage of the moment. Pakistan has acknowledged and pledged allegiance to the new Taliban government in Afghanistan (and they have nukes). Undoubtedly Iran, Turkey, China, Russia and others are looking for ways to leverage this moment. Please pray that God would protect us (and Israel) from foreign attack while we are distracted and alone!
8. Spiritual war
There is much more going on than meets the eye. Please pray that the Church around the world would see beyond the natural realm. Cry out for the Holy Spirit to prompt and show people how to pray. Cry out for the Holy Spirit to burst forth across Afghanistan, and release revival, awakening and the great harvest! Cry out for the heavenly host to shred every demonic platform operating in Afghanistan and destroy the high-level principalities and powers that have operated there for 1000’s of years.
9. Divine reversal
It is being said that what was accomplished in Afghanistan over the past twenty years has been lost in a day! Pray that God would reverse this loss, and turn Afghanistan into the launch pad into the greatest global revival/awakening/harvest this world has ever seen! Ask God to release miracles, signs and wonders across this nation,
Obviously, this is just a starting point. Undoubtedly, I have left out other key things to pray about. Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you cry out for God to move in this terrible situation. Yes, you should be concerned for Afghanistan! Please use this prayer guide (and add to it) in the days to come!