“Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’” John 14:6 (ESV)

Jesus was quite clear, He is the only way to the Father, to heaven, to eternal life! There is absolutely no other way. Luke even said that there is no other name by which we may be saved (Acts 4:12). That is quite exclusive! No other religion, doctrine or person leads to the Father! They may promise life, but there is no life in them to give! Every other highway leads to death and hell. Solomon even wrote that the way that seems right to man leads to destruction (Proverbs 14:12). Jesus said that the way to eternal life is a narrow road, a single lane highway, but the way to destruction is wide and easy to get on (Matthew 7:13). There is a day coming when those who chose Jesus will be separated from those who rejected Him, as sheep are separated from goats (Matthew 25:31-33) or wheat is separated from tares (Matthew 13:30). There is no middle ground, no fast track, no car pool lane. There is no short cut. Jesus is the only way!

When I was 19, I was sitting in a parking lot getting ready to do something illegal. A police car drove by and I had a quick thought race through my head… “If I stay on the path I am on I will end up in jail and/or dead!” I didn’t realize it then, but it was the Holy Spirit showing me that I was on the wrong road! I quickly left that parking lot not completing the transaction I was about to do. Three months later I surrendered my life completely to Jesus!!! And there was a radical turnaround! I believe it was my praying mom, who had been relentlessly crying out on my behalf. There was nobody witnessing to me, nobody inviting me to a church service or an outreach. It was the broken heart of a mom for her son that got God’s attention.

Btw, I am not saying we should not share our faith, or intentionally witness to others. But what I am saying is we cannot underestimate the power of our prayers for those who do not know Jesus yet, especially our loved ones!

Thank the Lord that He revealed Himself to you! Cry out to God on behalf of those who you know who have not yet gotten on the narrow way. Pray that the Holy Spirit would highlight on the onramp for them. Ask God to show them the path that they are on apart from Him will lead them to death. Relentlessly cry out for a rude awakening in their life, for the lies, deception and ignorance to fall off of them, and for them to see things as they really are. Cry out for God to show them their lostness and desperateness for a savior! Thank the Lord for hearing your cries, and answering your prayers for these loved ones, in His time and in His way!!!