Last night (January 29) I received a call around 7:30. John (pastor of Grace Athens) was asking me if I had heard about what was going on at Wesley. Apparently their normal 2:30 to 4pm worship/prayer gathering was still going on. I dug into it a bit and sure enough something out of the norm was happening. I got there by 8pm and the place was packed with probably a couple hundred college students passionately lost in worship and in desperate prayer. Most were standing with eyes closed and hands raised, singing with all their might. Others were on the ground, either sitting in small groups praying or on their knees crying out. Several were praying for one another. Students would occasionally come up to the mike to share a scripture and or pray. The worship team simply quieted down a little. Though it was still jamming strong, Shellie & I headed home around midnight. I discovered today that they wrapped up around 2am. A 90 minute gathering got apprehended by God and lasted nearly 12 hours! Something unusual is happening in Athens. I don’t call this revival, but definitely a birth pang or a foreshock of more to come. These students represented dozens of churches across our city. May that fire of passion and desperation be ignited in those churches!

This past Sunday (January 25), Athens Church celebrated their 10thanniversary. Instead of the normal three services on a typical Sunday, they hired out Stegeman Coliseum in the heart of the UGA campus. The normal attendance on most weeks would probably be 2500-3500 people. But this past Sunday over 7000 people filled the Coliseum. It was a powerful morning, with shock waves rippling across the city.

In another part of the city, Watkinsville First Baptist Church was experiencing their largest January Sunday gathering, ever! Over 1900 people packed into their three services.

The veil over this city is getting thinner. Thanks for being a part of it through your prayers. Please keep it up. Pray for more prayer, desperate prayer, fervent and united prayer to spread across our city and beyond. Ask God to continue to deepen the brotherly love between the pastors, as well as ministry leaders in Athens. We believe we are on the verge of a new season here. And what happens here is not just for here.

May you get hit with this coming wave wherever you are at!

Ask and keep asking… you will receive!
Seek and keep seeking… you will find!!
Knock and keep knocking… the door will be opened for you!!!
Matthew 7:7

Bless you heaps!