“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” Romans 12:9 (ESV)

Did you know that 85,000 children went missing last year? It’s true! Where did they go? Who took them? Why isn’t there a greater outcry!

Child trafficking is real! Child sex trade is not a conspiracy theory! And our children are at risk! 

Children trafficking now brings this evil business more money than illegal arms trade. And could soon pass global drug trafficking. You can only sell one bag of cocaine, but you can sell a child 6 or more times a day! What if that was your child?

While Target, Kohl’s, Disney, the Dodgers, Cracker Barrel, the White House and others touts the gay agenda, our children are being groomed and taken!

These beasts are harvesting Adrenochrome from terrorized children. This is more addictive than heroin, and exponentially more expensive! It is a perpetual fountain of youth! And they are harvesting and selling baby parts by the barrel. Ever wonder the true reason behind abortion (besides it being a satanic offering)?

Crude oil sells for $77 a barrel of oil. But a plastic barrel of baby parts sells for $77,000. 

Please consider buying tickets and seeing Sound of Freedom over the Independence Day week. For more information and/or get tickets go to Angel.com/Jim

Please pray that every showing would fill so that more days and theaters would be added. Pray protection over Jim’s family, as he/they feel the threat this is bringing upon them from the evil ones behind this nefarious activity. Pray for people to come to know Jesus as a fruit of this film. And pray for the truth about child trafficking to be unveiled.