“He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” Proverbs 17:15 ESV

This year Shellie bought a HUGE box of sparklers from Sam’s. So, for about a week, every night our son Jasen lit and swung these sparkling, fiery lights to various patriot songs – from God Bless America, to I’m Proud to be an American, to Whitney Houston’s version of Star Spangled Banner, to the classic Battle Hymn of the Republic and more. We blasted these songs off our deck so all our neighbors could hear that we love our nation! We didn’t just celebrate Independence Day, but we declared and celebrated our independence!!! It was epic! And I was gripped and moved to tears at times by the reminder of what God has given us and of the price that was paid for our freedom! Our freedom was not free, as many brave men paid for it with their lives! Yet some wicked globalists, pretending to be our leaders are giving away our great nation! They are thieves and traitors!!! Absolutely a shame what these elites are illegally doing!!! They openly talk about depopulation, and actively silence anyone who opposes their agenda to get rid of Christianity which is the basis for our “we the people” constitution, and replace it with an oppressive form of socialism. Btw, just check and see where socialism has been implemented and find out how they are doing today. Hint, not very good – Venezuela is a case in point! They promise equality and to share the wealth, meaning the masses are equally poor and the elites share all the wealth!!!

But God is not done with our nation! His cup of iniquity is about to be poured out on these wicked, godless people. We will see it with our eyes but it won’t touch us (Psalm 91:8). 

Pray for our nation to wake up, for wokeness to be exposed for what it is, for veneer of socialism to crack and reveal the intention of the few elites, for the roots of pedophilia to be seen for as deep as they go, and these wicked things to be broken off our nation, removed and replaced with God’s agenda, His kingdom and representatives of it! Pray for God’s justice to come quickly! Pray for yourself, that you would hear the call to be a patriot in this hour, whatever that means and requires of you! Pray for your pastor and church to wake up, to cry out against this repressive regime, against pedophilia and human (sex) trafficking, against the globalist agenda, and FOR revival, Godly reset and a 1 billion soul harvest. Pray that the Church would once again sparkle and grow with God’s glory! Declare, we will not go down in the dark of the night but will arise and shine!!!