Suddenly a sound like that of a violent rushing wind came from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were staying.” Acts 2:2 (HCSB)

Just recently a blip showed up on the radar over Yucatan. The next day it became a depression, soon evolving into a tropical storm. By midweek it was slamming into Florida as a category 4 hurricane before moving across the southeast states of the USA. Apparently, right now there are other hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic and Pacific. Likewise, powerful spiritual hurricanes are forecasted this month! It will be a time of mighty rushing winds forming and vibrating through our land. It will expose, shake and blow the lid off the enemy’s covering. They can run but they cannot hide. You hear that, no more hiding! This seems to be a month of suddenlies and breakthroughs. The Church, that is Jesus’ ekklesia, is called to prevail, not to fail. We’ve been born and born again for this time in history. We are here for a reason and this is it! Now is the time to stand.

From what I hear this will be a month where we see many suddenlies, many long-term prayer requests being answered, prodigal returning home, and miracles. This is a month for God’s kids to ask big audacious prayers. Whether you have been praying for something for years, or there is a huge mountain standing in front of you, please step back in and pray ever more earnestly about it!

Make a list of your biggest, most audacious prayer requests. Pray over them daily, even more often, with fervency and renewed faith. Invite others to join you, as well pray big for others. Thank the Lord for the answers He is going to bring this month! Pray that the mighty winds that are beginning to blow over our nation would uncover evil place of wickedness, perversion, demonic control and sin. Pray that as the spiritual rain begins to flood our nation, ask Him to wash away the filth and every stronghold that has been set up against the knowledge of our God (2 Corinthians 10:5). Ask Him to remove every illegal squatter from where they do not belong, and replace with the rightful occupants. Pray for a renewed grace over the ekklesia to rise up and stand in this hour. Pray for your pastor to stand and not give in. Ask the Lord to expose everything that needs to be exposed in your church that is not of Him. Thank Him for putting you exactly where you need to be in this hour!!!

This past weekend I heard an inspiring, and timely message (September 3) by Tim Sheets, Oasis Church. This post was inspired from that prophetic message. You can catch it at Please watch it till the end and join in the time of prophetic declarations.