Spiritual Warfare is Not a Bad Thing

We want to live at peace but we are at war. We are at war with terrorist who are ruthless and won’t stop until their evil plans are fulfilled. We are at war with nations who would love to wipe us, and Israel off the map. We are at war, with a foe who desires nothing more than to kill, steal and destroy. Yet, we live as if we were at peace. We eat, drink and are concerned about what we will wear and where we will live. We are unaware of the constant battle raging just beyond our perception. Spiritual warfare is not something we do or we go to, it is something we live, 24/7. And it is not a bad thing. In this current age there are two kingdoms in conflict. Someday we will live at peace with the Prince of Peace ruling and reigning. That day is determined but it is not here yet. Until then we are at war. It is demonstrated through the physical, but our struggle is not against flesh and blood!

Too many believers slumber on, as if there was no urgency of the hour. Back in the Garden of Eden, man gave over his dominion of the earth to the devil. We have been fighting to take it back ever since. Jesus’ finished work of the cross changed everything. We are the victors, yet we must fight to reclaim that which belongs to us. There is no victory without a battle. Besides the wounds and the casualties, with every battle come the spoils, the rewards and the heroes. Champions are forged on the battlefield. Without a battle, territory cannot be taken.

Repeatedly we are told to stay alert, watch, be diligent and sober minded. We are told to stand firm, to contend, to resist, and to advance. We are not attacked, but we are also the attackers, advancing the Kingdom of God. The enemy tries to get us to believe that he is the only aggressor and that we must guard our gates. Sure our enemy does harass us and causes damage, but primarily to those who are not aware or don’t want to engage in the battle. Nevertheless, Jesus talked of a militant church that would besiege and overcome the gates of hell. We are told in all things we are to be more than conquerors. We are to rejoice in our trials, in our battles know that there is good in it. It is in the battle that through our response we collect spoils that we can bring as an offering to Jesus on the slopes of heaven in eternity. These treasures are only available now in the furnace of adversity.

This is a day for us to rise up and pray like we have never before. It is a day to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God, allowing His light to shine through everything we do and penetrate every relationship we have. It is a day to preach the gospel always and when necessary use words (St. Francis of Assisi).

Thanks for engaging in this war with us! The ramifications are eternal!!!

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