After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven!” Revelation 4:1a (ESV)

In the Book of Revelation, John tells us that Jesus has been standing at the door and knocking (3:20). He has been waiting! He has been seeking us to go deeper with Him in intimacy. He wants to sup with us, that is have fellowship, to dine, to abide with us! As that door is opening this year, as Jesus comes in and desires to abides with us, revealing Himself to us, another door is opening for us (Revelation 4:1).

John said, “behold!” This word BEHOLD is quite powerful. It means to perceive, to see, to take to heed. It means to see with your physical eyes! It means to stare at, to discern clearly. It means to become acquainted with by experience.

This year of the open door is meant to be life changing, for each of us, and the world! We are not only to “see” it, but to go through it! Revelation 4 tells us that as we do, we will experience the glory of God displayed before our eyes!

It is God’s desire for the knowledge of His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas (Habakkuk 2:14), which is absolutely complete, one hundred percent coverage!

Tell Jesus that you invite Him completely into your heart, into every part of your life and being. Tell Him you want to sup with Him, to fellowship with Him and to abide in Him deeper than you ever have before. Ask Him to reveal the door that is standing open in heaven for you to see, to behold, to perceive with your eyes! Ask Him for greater revelation of who He is, of His glory, beauty, power, worth and holiness. Ask Him to increase the knowledge of His glory across the globe, starting with your church and the churches in our city!