“I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” John 17:14 (ESV)

Jesus was so clear! We are not of the world! But why then does the church try so hard to be like the world. The Church needs to stop copying the world. We are meant to lead the way in creativity, innovation, and wisdom. We are meant to lead the way in peace and joy, yet so many believers are gripped with depression and anxiety. The world should be seeking us for answers. We, not the world, has the ability to release heaven on earth. We can release the supernatural upon the natural. But instead for too long we have accepted a second-class, powerless Christianity as perfectly acceptable. God reveals heavenly secrets to His kids. The world does not have that access. We trust church growth methodology, which is basically business principles applied to the church, over trusting in God’s ways to grow His church. We have put limits on what the church should do and look like, based on what seems to be working in the world.

Yet God wants to releases sounds, songs, even frequencies from heaven! The world can’t do that! God is not wowed by the technology being discovered today by man. The best, most innovative life changing ground breakthroughs by technologies are about to be released from heaven, from the Father to His kids! Not to the world!

Consider Daniel and Joseph. Daniel could do and bring what no one else in all the world could. He tapped into the wisdom and revelation of God and it catapulted him to top leadership. Joseph not only interpreted some dreams, but via the wisdom of God catapulted His nation to greater greatness. He came up with strategies that not only saved his nation, but elevated it! These men brought heaven to earth. That is what God wants to do through His church.

Ask God to stir faith in this hour, starting with you! Ask Him to show you anywhere you are trusting or copying the methods, or priorities of the world over God’s ways, will and word. Cry out for your pastor and church leadership to seek God’s strategies and methodologies over what seems to be working in the world, even if it is counter-cultural foolish and offensive. Ask Him to release new technologies, groundbreaking discoveries, heavenly sounds and frequencies from the Throne upon His children.