“Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.” Hebrews 11:1 (TPT)

We had just found out that we’d been frauded of everything! Here we were, fairly new missionaries in Australia, our monthly support level had dropped to below what we needed to get by each month and we had just learned that our ‘safety net” was gone! We took it to the Lord! We could either sell everything we had to pay for our tickets back to the USA and start over, or we could believe that the God who called us there would provide for us. We chose the latter. Even if we perished in the process, we chose to trust our God! I can’t say it was immediate, but ultimately, God did provide, big time! He even gave us a “dream house” and called us to stay long term in Australia (and miraculously provided a way for that to happen), all of which He later called us to lay down and follow Him elsewhere. We would have missed so much had we packed up and headed home when the going forward looked impossible.

Today many are facing the same kind of challenge. Will we trust our God to step in and save the day, even if we perish, or will we retreat to the shadows of ambiguity, disbelief and apathy? One thing we learned in those moments was that we were going to relentlessly obey God no matter what He said! It has been costly, but oh so exciting to watch Him do awesome, and amazing miracles around us!

Today choose for yourself who you will trust. If you choose the Lord, cast ALL your cares and burdens upon Him and truly trust Him for the outcome of these days. Any time fear, anxiety, doubt or depression begin to make a beachhead in your heart and mind, reject them and proclaim you will trust the Lord, even if you perish! Commit to Him that you will obey Him, even relentlessly, no matter where He leads or what He says. Ask Him to speak to you now, and fill you afresh with peace, hope and joy, even in these dark hours! Ask Him to allow His presence in you to impact others around you! Ask Him to give you eyes to see the amazing things He is doing, even right now! Thank Him for allowing you to be alive, right where you are, in this vital hour of history! May your faith have substance and not simply be a vapor that blows away in the day of adversity!