We use this phase often, but this is truly an Esther moment for VP Pence as he presides over the joint congress gathering on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. This is a probably the most decisive, defining moment in his life. It will likely be what is remembered about him in the history books. As a God fearing Christ proclaiming man, he is standing against the full force of wickedness that is operating in our land.

He needs our prayer! In fact, please consider fasting that week! Undoubtedly he will have temptation and perhaps even threats from the outside, and oppressive power hungry demonic powers on the inside. Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill him with wisdom and boldness, and for angelic protection over him and his family before, during and after this gathering.

Pray for the joint congress as they discuss and vote on the electoral votes. Ask God to grant courage to those who will object, and that many others will continue to rise up to object. Apparently Josh Hawley, the first senator willing to commit to object, is coming under a tremendously backlash! Ask God to allow truth to be seen by both sides, and a just result would come out of this gathering.

And remember, January 6 is Epiphany, the day celebrated for God manifesting Himself among Gentiles (the wise men coming to Jesus). Cry out for God to fill those halls and manifest His presence among all these governmental representatives of the people! Could this be the moment awakening breaks out in our nation?!