“They may pretend to have a respect for God, but in reality, they want nothing to do with God’s power. Stay away from people like these!” 2 Timothy 3:5 (TPT)

We have grown too familiar to a Christianity without power. And it is no wonder that the enemy is acting so blatantly in our nation and world today! A powerless faith is no threat to the enemy. But this is all about to change!

Beware of traditions… what you grew up with was not necessarily right, and neither was what you were doing last year, right for this year. God is calling His people to wake up out of the slumber of complacency. He is calling us to get rid of unbelief, to lay aside our previous bad experiences and disappointments, and stop allowing them to limit or define what God is calling us into. Don’t let culture cancel the supernatural. Many pastors say it might scare people, yet our culture loves scary movies! People today need to see that God is powerful and still working among us. When you gather with other believers, come expectantly, because Jesus is among you, and He is about to let loose a mighty roar!

Cry out for God to stir an expectation of awesome things when the church comes together. Pray that the veil of complacency and lukewarmness would be torn from our eyes. Ask God to stir up a faith in Athens to believe He is wanting and ready to do miracles among us. He is ready to cast out demons, to heal the sick and more! Ask God to stir up faith and courage in your pastor to allow the Holy Spirit to release power in your church’s gatherings, even if it is “scary!” Ask God to forgive us (starting with yourself) for being content with a powerless faith. God has placed you exactly where He wants you to release His power. Ask Him to show you how to do that this weekend! May the church become SUPERNATURAL!