“After this I will return, and I will rebuild the tent of David that has fallen; I will rebuild its ruins, and I will restore it, that the remnant of mankind may seek the Lord, and all the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord, who makes these things known from of old.” Acts 15:16-18 (ESV)

Recently we were at Moravian Falls, NC, for a spiritual retreat. On the Wednesday night I slipped out and visited Destiny Encounters where I was hoping to meet Charlie Shamp. Well, he wasn’t there. Nevertheless, I was able to catch their heart, which I totally love. They have prayer from 5 to 10am each weekday and will be starting 24/7 worship/prayer in January! The crazy thing was the guest speaker, named Alex, spoke on the Tabernacle of David, which is something the Lord had already been super stirring up in me while on this retreat! It was exactly what I needed! I could see the clear correlation between the coming great harvest and the re-establishing of day and night worship.

When we think of David we usually think a great king and warrior. But he was first and foremost a worshipper. Long before he was a warrior and king, he was a worshipper. He learned to worship out on the field tending his family’s sheep. The one thing that God was drawn to was David’s heart. We all know of his sins, but God saw his heart! In fact, God declares that David had a heart after His. When David became king the very first thing he did was bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, and with it, establish day and night worship. The restoration of his tent, or tabernacle is all about establishment of Houses of Prayer and Worship that go day and night. This is what we are doing at the Athens House of Prayer (AHOP). And this is happening all over the globe, and with it will come the greatest harvest this world has ever seen.

Please join us in prayer for the establishment of night and day worship/prayer in Athens. Ask God to continue to bring in prayer and worship leaders, musicians and worshippers! Ask God to bring in more churches and ministries to take hold of their place on the wall at AHOP. Pray for the AHOP Lead Team as we navigate forward, and for the training up of more prayer and worship leaders to adopt “live” slots during the week. Ask the Lord if you are to be one of them! And pray that the outworking of AHOP would be more effective evangelism and great harvest in our city! Yes, pray the Church in our city would be ready for the harvest that is coming!!!