“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” 1 John 5:21 (ESV)

I recently acquired a beautiful silver coin. It was a troy ounce of pure silver, a coin from Mexico. But the Lord prompted me to look closely at it. In the middle of one side was a demon sticking its tongue out. As I researched it, I discovered that this was Tonatiu, a sun god. His tongue was shaped like a sacrificial dagger, signifying his demand for blood! After praying, and repenting for getting this vile thing, this beautiful coin now has a new resting place at the bottom of a river! Not all things that glitter and shine are holy, even when they declare themselves “pure!”

Take a closer look! It is time to rid our lives and homes of all demonic presence, of every idol, every form of wickedness that is hidden. Some idols are valuable. Some are beautiful! Some have emotional value as a family heirloom. Some were gifts. Others may be hidden through their familiarity. Even relationships, careers, and children can become idols, something that is more important to you than God!

This is a season where God is calling His people up the holy hill and that requires clean hands, pure hearts, no idolatry or any falsehood (Psalm 24:3-6 NLT).

In this hour where the enemy is looking for any access points, please ask the Lord to show you any and every place that would allow him in! And when He shows you, be willing and quick to get rid of it (make whatever correction is necessary), no matter the cost! If you find it difficult to get rid of it, you can rest assure that it has some level of hold on you! Seek help if you need it. Pray that God would expose idols in your pastor and in your church. This is not an hour to be messing around!