“Then Joseph made the sons of Isrel swear, saying, ‘God will surely visit you, and you shall carry my bones from here.’” Genesis 50:25 (ESV)

An exodus is coming. Joseph saw a day of freedom that was for his people. He said quit giving into the socialistic bondage of Egypt. He proclaimed that a day was coming when they will leave this bondage and tyranny. How relevant this is for us today! This wicked tyrannical government is pushing the jab for kids yet they don’t even require among themselves! And the reason for the child push is once it is approved big pharma is protected from liability.

Forrest Gump would say, “stupid is as stupid does.” Stupid is defined as lack of common sense. There is absolutely no common sense with the mandates, with the masks (that don’t work), nor with the ineffectiveness of the jab, yet they keep saying “let’s require more of it!” That’s what tyranny does. You concede a little and more is required. It is an open pit once you begin compromising and giving in. Just a little common sense reveals that this Marxist group is trying to ram down our throats as much as they can, as fast as they are able!

We have been accepting this for way too long. This is NOT the new norm in our nation! This is not the new reality of our world. The enemy has pushed too hard! They want us to stop talking about 2020 elections. No way, we cannot nor will we stop talking about it! If it isn’t taken care of, all future elections are nonsense! Look at the evidence. Stop listening to the lying media, or the deceived and deceiving government.

Now back to Joseph… I just wonder, that the moment Jesus died and the veil was torn in the temple, the Bible says that other saints also came out of their graves (Matthew 27:52). Was Joseph one of them? Will you be one who is remembered for standing in faith in a day of tyranny and darkness?

Ask God for a faith that stands in this hour! Pray for truth to be made know across our nation, at every level! God is not done with our nation! Just as Joseph saw a better Israel, we too see a better America! Cry out for a “better than ever” America! Cry out for God to expose all that needs to be exposed. Cry out for the world we are handing to our children to be better than it is right now! Thank the Lord for He is not finished with our nation!