Don’t participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 (HCSB)

They want to ensnare us, imprison us, take away our rights, defile our children, throw out our constitution and make us a communist nation, and become a part of the globalist one world order! Understandably, the first order in communism is to take out God and Christianity. That’s because Christians don’t bow to dictators! But too many people still don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, and put their heads back on their pillows to sleep, just a bit more!

But standing against this evil today is like standing against slavery in Wilberforce’s day. It was intense and very costly to turn the tide against slavery. Resisting today’s evil is like what it was to stand against Hitler in the 1930’s. History shows that so much of the church tried to be neutral. Didn’t work, and it won’t work now! We MUST stand against it! 

The Church must wake up and stop playing church while such evils are being done. We must stop being white washed tombs! We must stop simply going along and getting along! This is a day of battle and we must wake up and get engaged. It’s time to get wholeheartedly engaged, and totally committed to God!

Like, if you don’t care what has happened to Trump, you are asleep. The attack against him is an example of what’s coming after us. Injustice, lies, fake narratives, unjust judges and unconstitutional cases, trumped up charges by people who have committed themselves to do whatever it takes to take him out! Evil people driven by evil spirits chasing an evil agenda are flaunting and blatantly attacking him with no recourse. But the evil attack on him is ultimately against us and our freedoms. 

We cannot remain complacent and expect evil to go away. The evil forces are laying down their cards and taking off their gloves! We must engage in the battle! We must pray, speak up and get involved. If you haven’t registered to vote, do it ASAP! If you don’t plan to vote you are complicit with the evil! Don’t be afraid to support and talk about Trump, or the gross wickedness that is blatantly occurring before our eyes. I saw an article about some “Pride” stuff in San Francisco this past month. The perversion in out in the open, even in front of children with the police just standing on the sidelines saying there is nothing illegal about it. I don’t want to say much more, but understand this, Sodom and Gomorrah would be proud indeed!

Evil wins when good people do nothing! So please cry out to God for wisdom on what He’d have you engage in, and the courage to do so! 

We are so close to the tipping point of no return! Things will be shifting soon! But what you do now matters. This is the time of battle, engage it now or you will miss the moment. Get out of bed and get into the battle!

This battle is not political, or about Republicans and Democrats, or Trump and Biden! This is being led by the devil and His communist agenda. This is an hour of outright battle against good and evil, and yes, there are wicked human agents fleshing it out. If you’re a Follower of Christ and hate Trump, you need to deal with your heart! 

Invite God to search your heart for any trace of hatred, anger and unforgiveness! Ask Him what He would like you to do as an awakened child of God in this hour! Beseech God to expose every wicked and offensive thing in your church (Psalm 139:23-24), that is partnering with darkness in any way. Pray for your pastor to stand up, speak up and engage in this battle, wholeheartedly, even if some of your congregation is offended by it. Pray that your church would speak up against the evil going on in our society, that your church would be salt and light to the world. Ask God to remove the evil leaders in our nation and replace them with good, even godly leaders! Thank Him for allowing you to be alive in this hour and to play a part in the great harvest that is coming!