“… hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21b-22a (NIV)

Many say we, as followers of Christ should not take sides. But when one side is absolutely promoting evil, and another side is standing on biblical values, Christ followers must take sides. To not take sides is to be guilty by silence! To not speak against evil, is to side with it! That is not complicated! Rejecting evil is taking sides!

The fight for life is not about a woman’s choice, it’s about the brutal slaughter of children in the womb. Btw, unborn babies actually feel pain! When their skull is crushed and brain sucked out, they suffer. If you doubt me, please research it yourself and see what an abortion procedure actually entails. Abortion is not just dealing with unwanted tissue, it is the painful murdering an innocent life. It’s an issue of life and death, not life and choice! To support abortion is to support death. Believers who support this are deceived!

Many say the issue is complicated. When a church is silent about speaking truth into important issues, it creates a vacuum of confusion that the enemy takes advantage of! We are to take sides, that is, we are to side with God’s word! Our battle is not over. It has become more localized! It’s time to engage, to take sides and to hold onto what is good, that is life!

Pray for the churches in our city to hold onto what is good and to reject what is evil, even if it is complicated! Pray for your pastor to no be silent, but to lead your congregation through this time. Pray that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit, have boldness and wisdom to help those stuck and deceived. Ask the Lord to show you what role you are to play in the coming days of resisting evil and holding onto what is good!