“’Consider carefully what you hear,’ He continued. ‘With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.’” Mark 4:24

Jesus said take heed what you hear (Mark 4:24) and take heed how you hear (Luke 8:18). We are constantly being bombarded with information, currently most of it is fake, false, deceptive and misleading. If you are still listening to the mainstream media for your news, you are drinking in the poisoned “Cool Aid.” Today’s media is a false prophet, shredding, or filtering the truth and propagating a leftist, godless agenda.

Be careful what your ears take in or the words you speak – don’t agree with the enemy lies (the popular propaganda). This week the false prophet will be spewing lies and misinformation, including bad reports in Georgia and DC. Don’t believe it! The Lord has allowed things to get this bad so that we’d cry out to Him! Things are bad! In fact, it seems a whole party has given themselves over to evil, and they don’t even try to hide it anymore! Our backs are to the Red Sea with nowhere to run. The enemy believes he has won, and, he has won unless God intervenes.

Let’s cry out for mercy. Let’s cry out for God to do miracles so that the nations will see and believe in Him. Let’s cry out for God to part the Rea Sea and clean up our nation. Let’s cry out that the nations will see how God moved! This week, let’s cry out that people to be in wonder and awestruck because of God manifesting His glory in our nation! This week, please don’t listen to the false reports coming from the lying prophet, the media! Wait for truth and speak it into the atmosphere! God is about to suddenly break through!