“Occupy till I come.” Luke 19:13b (KJV)

God doesn’t make anyone do anything! He provides opportunities for us to respond to. He doesn’t force us through the door. Many ask, “Why is God taking so long? What is He waiting for?” He is waiting for us. While the Church continues to sleep, a remnant is waking up and can/will make a difference!

There is a seduction happening within the Church. Bribes are being given for supporting the narrative or being silent. To not speak up about issues could be a signal that your church may have been compromised. The enemy actually looks for ways to entrap pastors, set them up, catch them in the act, and then hold it over them! Also, many are quiet because to speak up might cost donors to stop giving! The excessive support of church closures and of vaccines may be other symptoms that something other than God may be influencing your church.

Remnant rise up! God is waiting for His Ekklesia to wake up, step up and speak up in this evil hour. We are told to “occupy” till He comes. That does not mean to hide ourselves, or become like the world so as to fit in. Jesus is looking for a vibrant alive Church, a Bride who has readied herself. The Church that is occupying is the one who is seeking the Lord wholeheartedly, listening to His voice and following Him as He leads (John 10:27). Jesus is looking and waiting for a Church that is completely surrendered to Him! To occupy means to continue on with Jesus’ business until He returns.

Pray for God to wake up your pastor and church. Pray that every place of compromise to be exposed and cleared up. Pray that your church would no longer be silent in anyway. Pray for protection over your pastor, for him to have a wholehearted passion to seek the Lord, to listen to His voice and to follow Him wherever He leads! Pray that your church would play its role in occupying till Christ returns, that is, playing its part in harvest in our city and beyond!