Then God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” Genesis 1:3 (HCSB)

In the beginning, God’s first recorded words were “Light be” (literal) and it was! And then He separated light from darkness (v.4). Light and darkness have been separated ever since!

Our enemy, the devil, operates in darkness. He comes to bring anarchy, fear, lawlessness and absolute chaos. He works through…

Distraction, disruption, deception, destruction and death!

The enemy brings anxiety, fear, depression, worry, shame, defilement, hopeless, condemnation, insanity, sickness, and poverty. He is a liar and is completely incapable of bringing anything good into our life! He will promise pleasure or success, but at best it is short lived, and it comes with a price tag that is much greater than we expect!

But God! That’s right, Jesus comes with something so much greater, better and absolutely good! The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give life (John 10:10). Jesus brings life, abundant life, satisfying life, life to its fullness, and ultimately eternal life!

Jesus brings this life, here and now, through…

Restoration, renewal, reset, re-focusing, renovation, replenishing, revival and reformation!

The fruit that comes with Jesus is peace, joy, love, purity, patience, kindness and more. Jesus desires your life to be satisfying, meaningful with a sense of destiny and purpose! His truth may hurt for a moment, but it brings freedom!

So, who will you trust in this hour? The one who hates you and wants to destroy everything good in your life? Or the One who loves you, and wants to multiply the good in your life? Btw, there is no such thing as partial commitment! Either you’re all in or you are not in at all! The life lived in the shadow land is one of compromise and delusion. You cannot live on the fence between light and darkness. You must choose! Today is that day to make the wholehearted commitment. As long as you are of two minds the good fruit will get snuffed out by that bad stuff.

Ask the Lord to separate every trace of darkness from the light in your life so that you can see it. As He shows you, confess it as compromise, … sin. Call it what it is! Commit yourself to Him with all your heart! Ask Him to expose and separate every trace of darkness that is operating within your church. Ask Him to give your pastor discernment and courage to address these traces of darkness, and call it for what it is!  May God declare that your church is good and a beacon of light to our city and beyond (Genesis 1:5, Matthew 5:14). May the Church in Athens Georgia radiate His light without any trace of darkness!