Christ has liberated us to be free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 (HCSB)

Following the civil war, the US was broke. To bail us out a deal was struck with foreign investors, and in 1871 the US Republic became a Corporation. From that time on, taxes were collected from US citizens and actually sent to these foreign bankers. A few decades later, in 1913 the Federal Reserve was born. Instead of being backed by gold and silver, our dollar became what is called fiat. Meaning it represented something that didn’t exist. It was worthless from the beginning, and even more so today! In fact, at one point, wicked leaders confiscated all the personally owned gold because it was the only real means of currency. We have been enslaved by foreigners and were not even aware of it!

So, the real battle going on right now, is the dismantling of the corporation and the re-establishment of the republic. So many are concerned about our democracy, but we are not a democracy. The founders of our nation knew that democracies don’t last. You see, a democracy is basically built all around the majority rule. Whereas a republic is established by values and principles, and not the latest party in office deciding to persecute their opponents. Huh? Sounds like what happening today! Anyways, the draining of the swamp, the exposure and removal of the deep state, and the transferring of wealth from the crooked, globalist foreign bankers to the rightful owners, that is, we the people of the USA, is what’s happening right under our noses. There is a drive, a battle to turn our nation back to a republic!

Please keep praying, as God is not done. There is much stuff bubbling to the surface and is about to explode! Pray for all those working so hard to finish up the myriad of details from the transfer the power and wealth, to the exposure and removal of the criminals and to the re-establishment of a constitutional USA. Pray for their protection, their wisdom and endurance to see this through to the end. Pray for exposure and the nullifying of every attempt to sabotage, to block, or to hinder in any way of the restoration of what God had in mind for the USA. Pray for the people to see, accept and step into this renewed constitutional republic! Pray that we, the people, would truly step into this new day of freedom! Pray for eyes and minds to be open to see just how enslaved we actually have been! Thank the Lord that this is changing, and that we are on the verge of a great global harvest!