“As it is, there are many parts but one body.” 1 Corinthians 12:20 (NIV)

We are not alone! The body of Christ is bigger that the expression of your Sunday morning service, or the reach of your local church. The body has many parts, that need each other. Sadly, so many of these parts act as if they are independent of each other! Our nation is historically made up of rugged individualists! But this independent spirit operating in the church must be broken! We need each other! We are not in competition with each other. During this last season, many churches and pastors have turned inward, and are less connected with other churches and pastors in our city. It is time to break that pattern and come out!

We must reject everything that opposes kingdom unity. I am not talking about compromising the Gospel, or who God has called each of us to be. Remember we are many different parts that make up the body. Nevertheless, there are many “churches” in our city who do not align with the cross, or embrace the authority and centrality of the word of God. These we are not seeking unity with! But those who do, we need each other and to do whatever it takes to maintain the unity (Ephesians 4:3)!

Pray for pastors in our city to be realigned around God’s priority of having a family beyond their own congregation. Pastors are called to shepherd the city, not just those who call their church home. Pray that together, we would truly become the body of Christ in Athens. Pray that together, we can and will build His house and prepare Him a place where He desires to come and stay. Pray that together, we would do more, and be more effective as we walk in His commanded blessing (Psalm 133). Pray for your pastor to be willing to come out and be a part of the greater work that God wants to do in our city, and for your church to play its role alongside other churches. May God find Athens a pleasant place for Him to dwell!