These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too” Acts 17:6 (HCSB)

In Acts 1 we find the disciples and over a hundred others were waiting in the upper room for the coming promised Holy Spirit. They did not know what to expect, but knew it was big! Then in Acts 2, He came and the world has never been the same. However, that was just the first run. That was the birth of the Church. So much has been denied, ignored and deceived away. But it’s time for the Church to mature and mobilize. It’s time for the church to seriously prepare for Jesus’ return for His bride! It is time to turn the world upside down! More is coming, that instead of merely a room upstairs, God is going to fill the whole earth with His glory. His manifestation will not be so limited.

Joel prophesied that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on all people (Joel 2:28). Others prophesied that the knowledge of God’s glory would fill the earth. It’s time!

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14 – NIV).

Recently we heard Johnny Enlow share that, the whole world is going to be God’s upper room! Consider what God is doing and about to do in making the whole earth His upper room! We’re talking spectacular, everywhere, all of it, at the same time! I am not sure if words can convey the awesomeness of it! Quite an outpouring is coming!!!

Here is what Johnny said about what happened in Acts, and how it will look now. There was confusion (Acts 2:6), amazement and marvel (2:7), boldness (4:13), a non-compliance with religious leaders and/or the religious spirit (4:18), miracles signs and wonders (2:48), believers being strengthened in God’s sovereignty (2:25, 17:26), a non-compliance with civil authority (5:29), generosity and sharing (4:34), true unity and one accordness (4:32) and the fear of God (5:11). These same characteristics will accompany the new global upper room!

The religious institution of Jesus’ day (as well as ours) had some serious corrections required because of this outpouring. Today the “religious church” will also be corrected! Then they operated in a dead order being religiously correct. The “religious church” was filled with indifference. Compliance to the religious spirit was expected, even demanded! There was disease & debt. Orphan mindedness shackled the people. There was an idolatry to government. Today you can see this in so much of the church that supported vax and/or agreed that “church was not essential!” It was (is) filled with selfishness and frugality, instead of selflessness and generosity. It was (is) characterized by division and dissension, instead of unity and oneness. But the remnant, the true church, the ekklesia, gets it and will be instruments of God’s glory on earth. A whole earth upper room is coming. Are you ready to turn the world upside down?

Please watch and pray as the first disciples did in the upper room, in your “upper room.” Ask Him to prepare you for what is coming. Ask Him to stir your pastor and your church to be first recipients as the Holy Spirit intensifies this global outpouring. Pray that your church would join with churches across our city to become something greater than it is right now. Ask God to prepare us for the great exploits that He will lead us in to see Athens saved and become a blazing light on the hill! Athens will be turned upside down for the gospel! Cry out for God to prepare all the international students at UGA to receive and take it with them back to their nations! Thank Him for allowing you to be alive at such a time as this!!!