“Their mouths are full of lies; they swear to tell the truth, but they lie instead.” Psalm 144:8 (NLT)

Perception does not need to be based on truth. To perceive means “to become aware or conscious of something, come to realize or understand, to interpret or look at something in a particular way” (Oxford Languages). Perception is created through the narrative of words, because words paint pictures. Our mind creates a story around a picture even if it is wrong. “As a man thinks…” is all about our perception.

The enemy has created a perception that now most people hold to as if it was true, yet it is absolutely a lie! It was a lie saying that a mask could protect us, when not even five masks actually helps. The perception is that we need to do something to protect ourselves from this deadly virus, when in all actuality, it was not nearly as deadly as we were told it was. The mask gave people a sense of control, even though it was just an illusion in their heads. And since decisions are made based on our perception, some pretty bad decisions came out fear from listening to a false narrative. It is now being revealed that nearly every other sickness and death during that period was labeled “Covid.” Ever wonder why there was no flu last year? But it doesn’t matter anymore, people have already bought the perception, and they believe it is true, even if you show them otherwise!

A person becomes a slave when operating out of fear. And as we have seen people ultimately give their bodies over to scientific experiments, wrongly perceiving that it will make a difference. So many are feeling it is hopeless. But to say it is hopeless is to say God is helpless! And nothing is impossible for God!

The only possible way to change the perceptive and the narrative behind it is through the word of God. The word of God is the only thing strong enough to change the twisted perception that has now gripped on nation, and even the whole world. No wonder we are ripe for a global revival and the Third Great Awakening! It is what is necessary to set us free from this false, fear-based perception.

Cry out that God would set you free from every trace of this false perception. Ask Him for eyes to see what is true and what is not. Ask Him to increase your hunger for the word of God. Ask Him to anoint the preaching and teaching of the word God at your church. Unless the word is used to bring light to the issues we face today, such as all that is behind “wokeness” your church will remain in bondage to the deceptive perception being driven down our throats. Pray that your church would respond to the word of God in obedience, choosing to trust God instead of their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). Cry out for God to release revival in the body of Christ across the globe, bring in the Third Great Awakening, and the one billion soul harvest!