“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:13-14 (NIV)

We have recently entered a new year on the Hebrew calendar, 5784. This is the year of the open door. 

The Red Sea was an open door. But obviously, it was closed when the Israelites arrived with the Egyptian army at their heels. By faith Moses raised his arm throughout the night, and the Red Sea parted, that is, the red door opened! And they had to walk through it.

But going through the door is just the beginning. Instead of going in and conquering then possessing the land, they wandered for 40 years! Likewise, we got to go in and possess the new territory that He is opening up and not wander for the next 40 years.

Open doors require more than just going through them. There are battles coming once we get through the doorway. There are some huge battles on the other side of the door. But first, by faith we must go through the door. Remember the Lord promises to fight for us, but we have to show up!

Still doorways are places where people have encountered God throughout the Bible. Our doorway will be no different. We need the deeper revelation of who He is as we step into this next season (Ephesians 1:17).

The battle is shifting. The past several years have been a battle to just survive. We are entering a season of even greater intensity in battle, but it is going to be different. This will be a battle to possess, and to expand. This is a season to overcome! We win!

Prophecy is hearing what God is saying and then saying it out loud, here on earth!  We need to speak what God is speaking. It is time to decree it. Not just think it or read it! We are to boldly declare it. Yes, this is called prophecy!

Step forward, even if the door is not open yet. Trust the Lord is with you and for you, and will empower you for this day of battle. Ask Him to wash off of you any residue from yesterday’s struggles, to lighten your load by showing you what needs to stay here and what you need to take and/or receive for this next season. Ask Him to renew your faith, to cleanse you and heal you of anything that would hinder you from engaging in this battle. Ask Him for eyes to see the door and the courage to go through it. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you in deeper ways. Pray for your pastor, for grace and faith to increase, and anointing to lead into new territories. Pray for prophecy to increase in your church!