In the movie The Matrix, a choice is given… the red or the blue pill? The red pill will open your eyes to the depth of deception the world has been living under. The blue pill will put you back into a slumber of denial that everything is ok. The red pill will take you down a rabbit hole and allow you to see the dredges of evil in the highest of places. The blue pill puts a sock over your head so that even truth presented to you can’t be seen. The red pill shows you that you’ve been born in a world you were not created for. The blue pill allows you to live as a slave without even knowing it!

Pray that today our nation would choose the red pill! Proclaim that our eyes across this nation will be opened and we will no longer be slaves of denial. Ask the Lord to remove every sock of deception that has rested upon you, your family, your church and our city. Proclaim that Athens GA will come under the most visible light possible, with no more hidden darkness in the high places. Tell God that you choose the red pill, to be able to live as a free person without deception, narrative and lies from the wicked one!