“Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, ‘The word of the Lord that you have spoken is good.’ For he thought, ‘There will be peace and security in my days.’” Isaiah 39:8 (ESV)

During the American Revolution the greatest threat to the King of England was not the politicians in the new world. It was the farmers and pastors, especially the black robe regiment. These pastors would preach to their congregation, then go out and fight the evil coming against their nation. When they were awakened, our nation fought and won. Our nation was birthed for freedom from tyranny. The soul of our nation was all about worshiping and serving God freely without the interference of a tyrannical and godless government.

During campaigning Biden blatantly said this is a battle for the soul of our nation. He wasn’t kidding, and he was more literal than we imagined! It’s about control. It’s about silencing the church. It’s about removing God and His moral standard from every trace of our culture! One mask, two mask, three masks, a mandate, a plethora of jabs and more. Shut down the church, at least wear it down and compromise it, and the enemy will have no resistance and will finish the take-over. But this is not going to happen on our watch!!!

Hezekiah was happy that the coming judgment wasn’t going to happen until his son’s time! The Prophet Isaiah had just given him a word about the king of Babylon coming and taking away all the treasures from the palace and his own flesh and blood descendants to make them eunuchs (Isaiah 39:5-7). What a selfish, tragic thing to leave our kids with a world with impending doom, when we could do something about it. We don’t want to delay the battle till our children’s day! Let’s fight that battle today so our kids won’t have to fight it in their day, if there is even anything left to fight for then! This battle for the soul of our nation is on us. Let’s not give up, or breathe a sigh of relief because the ruin of our nation is prolonged. Let’s give our children a better world than we were given! Let’s rise up and fight for the soul of our nation!

Please pray that God would awaken the Church to the battle that is going on for our nation’s soul. Pray for your pastor to not be like Hezekiah who was happy that judgment was delayed from his day! Pray for your pastor to have a sense the urgency of the hour and willingness to be like the black robed regiment. Ask God what you can do today to fight for the soul of our nation! Thank the Lord, that He is not done with America and that we will fulfill our destiny!