“The very moment I call to you for a Father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee. This one thing I know: God is on my side!” Psalm 56:9 (TPT)

Do you feel it? Something has shifted. In the natural we’ve stepped into summer, but something even more significant is happening. We will soon be coming into a time of great celebration because truth is being made known! The lies are being exposed. The fraud is coming into the light. But before the celebration there will be some intense battling going on as a cloud of deception thickens over our nation. Satan knows the tide has turned and the fighting will become even more fierce before it is over. In WW2 the time between the outcome being determined and the day of victory saw the most fierce and bloodiest battles in the entire war.

Across this nation people are hungry. Not physically for food, but spiritually for the full meat of the word of God. People are no longer wanting an express service with no depth. They are voting for what they want with their feet. They are hungry for truth, for the full gospel, for the word of God. Churches that are preaching the cross, repentance, about heaven and hell, and holiness, are actually growing. Churches that fought to stay open during the government controlled shut down are being blessed.

People want to experience God. Please pray that your pastor and church would be willing to step into this time of increased warfare with boldness and faith. We need to preach the gospel without apology, without compromise, without sugar coating it! I believe the churches that do this will be blessed! Believe it or not, people want bold preachers! Saturate your pastor in prayer!!!