“Snakes! Brood of vipers! How can you escape being condemned to hell?” Matthew 23:33 (HCSB)

Jesus had His most harsh words to those who were the leaders of Israel! The very ones who should have been protecting and showing the way, were called hypocrites, whitewashed tombs, blind guides, and murderers. Though His words were a bit more muted toward Rome, His zeal came out against the leaders of His people. We are free people (as I understand it). But our leaders have let us down! They are corrupt, liars, murderers and really don’t care about us the people. Our governmental shepherds have a different agenda, and it is not for good! But they are threatened by us mobilizing and standing together as one.

Constitutionally challenging the results of an election is not a threat to democracy. Actually, it should be expected. Questioning is a healthy process in a healthy culture. But rigging and stealing an election is the true threat. It is a well-documented fact that prior to the 2020 election Biden said something about them having the most sophisticated system of voter fraud in history of mankind! He held a smoking gun in his hand as results were visually manipulated in front of our eyes on TV. But we have to pretend that a stolen election is legit. Nevertheless, it is not! Those who sit in these stolen seats are simply pretenders, and worse, traitors! The only ones who don’t want the elections questioned are the one who stole it. If there was nothing to hide, they would not be afraid of the truth coming out. They would do everything they can to investigate it, talk about it and allow the truth to be known. But they do have something to hide, like a lot!!! But everything is coming into the light. EVERYTHING! And last I heard, a mass invasion into our country is an act of war. And a government failing to protect its people from it is an act of treason! I realize these are strong words, but so were Jesus’. I also realize this will probably get censored, by the very mechanism that wants to keep the truth from coming out. And I realize you may not even see it yourself! But we are a free people, who have freedom of speech, who are free to challenge and disagree with one another. And these freedoms are worth contending for!!!

Pray for truth to come out, ALL OF IT, for it to be revealed in every home, to every person. Pray that every person who is illegally sitting in positions that they did not win, to be exposed, removed and held accountable for their crimes! Ask God for a righteous leadership in our nation, who will protect us, who will represent us, and will begin to restore that which has been stolen in our nation! Pray for churches to not be afraid to speak up, even disagree with the government. Pray for your pastor to be a man of deep conviction, of truth, of the fear of God and have the boldness to speak it, no matter what others think!