The rain fell, the rivers rose, the winds blew and pounded that house, and it collapsed. And its collapse was great!” Matthew 7:27 (HCSB)

There is so much prophetic chatter that a wave of revival is coming, soon! Not a tiny ripple, but an historic, world changing, epic wave! It is time for a spiritual tsunami. It has been building out in the distance for quite a while. Nothing will stop it. NOTHING! No power in hell will even slow down what God is about to do! There is a great reset coming. Oh yes! But not like Klaus Schwab or Yuval Noah Harari of the WEF are envisioning. This wave is approaching and it is about to pound the shore. Everything built upon the sand will be washed away! Including the trash!!!

It is time for strongholds to collapse! The gates of hell will not prevail, not even close! There is no contest for the devil and his demonic cohorts against heavens armies! America will be saved. Yes, AMERICA WILL BE SAVED! Angel armies are being released to battle dark enemies who have no chance against the power of heaven. It’s time for the battle. And it is time for victory. We have a part to play, but the battle belongs to the Lord! We must draw near to God

As a long time surfer, I can see this wave building in the distance with great excitement and anticipation. It is huge! But as a surfer, I know we must get ready. We must prepare for the ride of our life. It is so important to be in position, in the right place, in order to caught the wave. You can’t simply wait on the shore, and definitely don’t run from it. Grab your board and paddle out to it!!! Please get ready both in the natural and spiritual realm. Seek the Lord as to what that looks like for you!

Tim Sheets (Oasis Church) who feels this wave is imminent, says “be careful who you listen to the next few weeks. Don’t listen to known liars. Though they are talking loudly, do not listen to them!” Listen to truth. And what you hear, please pray, decree, and declare in the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Ask Him to speak and lead you closely these next several weeks! There are thousands, perhaps millions who are pressing into God and preparing for this wave! Please be one of them. With this wave it is prophesied that prodigals will return (amen!), and a 1 billion soul harvest will be set into motion. Wealth will be transferred from the wicked to the righteous to accomplish God’s work. Yes, the wave is big, dark and will be destructive because that’s the nature of God’s justice and judgment against His enemies.

Declare that the tsunami of the Holy Spirit is rising, approaching and is about to physically manifest upon the earth. Ask the Lord to show you how to prepare, physically and spiritually. There is a great shaking coming with it, ask the Lord to help you not be distracted by the rumbling roar, but to keep your eyes fixed on Him. Pray for the prodigals that you know, for the Holy Spirit to prepare them to respond quickly and suddenly as the wave crashes! Cry out for Holy Spirit discernment regarding who and what you are to listen to over the next few weeks (and who you need to turn off). Ask the Lord to arouse your pastor with a spiritual sense and excitement that this wave is about to crash upon the earth. Pray that he would have wisdom and boldness to prepare and position your congregation to ride the wave and not be thrown about by it or run from it. Thank the Lord for allowing you to be a part of what He is doing!