“David said, ‘What have I now done? Is there not a cause?’” 1 Samuel 17:29 (NHEB)

When I was much younger people would tell me how intimidating I was because of my intensity. Of course, my youthful energy and zealousness didn’t help! Nevertheless, I have always been wholehearted, even in my rebellious days. But when I came to Christ, that intensity carried over to a deep passionate faith. In fact, I am still very intense, focused and wholehearted. I know who I am and what God has given me to do, and as such I pour it all out for that cause. And the beautiful thing about it is, God has given me an amazing wife who is the same!

The question we must all ask, just as David did, is, “is there not a cause to pour myself out for?” There definitely is a cause! It is in serving the Lord with all that you’ve got!

Right now, tell the Lord you surrender all to Him, that He is worth pouring out your life for! Tell Him that you are all in to play your part in fulfilling His cause for your generation, and the ones to come!