And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper.” 1 Kings 19:12 (ESV)

We often miss what God is saying or revealing because we limit how He should communicate. Often, we miss the wisp passing by us, or what we briefly see from the corner of our eye, or a sensation and/or pain in our body, or a random picture in the back of our mind, because we are looking for a “word” from God! I have discovered that most revelation that I receive starts like a thread, like a small “fist of a cloud” in the distance (1 Kings 18:44). It is like an ever so brief tap on the shoulder, or a pain in my body. Sometimes it is more like a thin almost invisible fishing-line! It is so easy to ignore it, but by faith when I tug on that thread, I usually find it is attached to a heavenly garment. When I pull the thread, I release the revelation on earth. God usually doesn’t shout, but whispers. His voice usually doesn’t strip the trees (Psalm 29), but comes in a very tiny voice. He veils His revelation in the mundane, in the average, in the foolish. He always has! But if you will listen, look and grab hold of that tiny thread, you will find it is attached to the very garment that He is wearing.

Today, pray that the Holy Spirit would grant you hyper-sensitivity to the threads from heaven. When you feel a random thing, by faith ask the Lord for understanding. Invite Him to reveal Himself and anything He wants to communicate to you. Tell Him you will be looking, even waiting for it! And when He does, thank Him for granting you the grace to hear His still small voice! And btw, if you begin practicing this every day you will hear Him better and be able to follow Him wherever He leads (John 10:27).